How to Save Money When You’re at College

save money

Itís a well-known fact that students are invariably short on cash. Most of their finances have to be spent on books, accommodation and whatever theyíre studying. However, it is possible for you to save money when youíre at college, you just have to know how.

The good news is this article will help you save that much-needed cash when the semester has begun.

Avoid Buying New Textbooks

Before you head to college you might not have any idea as to how expensive textbooks can be. Rather than going out and buying a textbook why not see if you can borrow it from a library? Another option is to look on auction websites and see if thereís a copy available.

If you have an ebook reader you might be able to download a copy for less than the cost of a physical book.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

While many of us have our vices, some of them can be pretty expensive. Smoking and drinking and two of the most expensive vices out there. Itís thought that many students like to smoke and drink while theyíre at college but you donít have to live up to those stereotypes.

Save yourself a whole lot of money and give up those nasty habits.

Donít opt for the Fanciest Student Housing

While you might be tempted to sign up for some luxurious accommodation it could cost you a lot of money. Instead, opt for off campus housing that has a nice feel about it and will ensure you have everything you need to live away from home.

Many people are happy to spend the extra cash on living somewhere very fancy. However, chances are youíre not going to spend a lot of time there. Look for somewhere thatís good value for money, it makes much more sense.

Always Have your Student ID with you

Many stores and attractions offer students a discount so always make sure you have your ID with you. You could pay a lot less for meals, transportation, clothing, and more. Make sure youíre not buying anything just because itíll be cheaper when you show your ID. A great deal is only a great deal if you were going to buy the product anyway.

Re-think Shopping for Food

You donít have to eat ramen for the entire semester, you can eat perfectly well if you know how to shop. Buy your groceries in discount stores and make sure you look for the best deals. Learn how to cook from scratch as itís so much cheaper than buying prepackaged food.

Donít Drive your Car!

Driving around in a car might give you a lot of respect but it can hurt your wallet. Remember, youíll have to pay for gas, insurance, and parking. Use public transport instead as itís usually much cheaper. If you have to travel a long-distance look at the cost of taking public transport as it can still be cheaper.

Use the above tips to help you save money when youíre at college. When everyone else has nothing in their bank accounts but yours is looking better youíll be pleased you put the hard work in.