How to Find the Best Car Insurance in Singapore

Having a car is a dream come true. However, it exposes you to numerous other expenses and risks. Besides being a constitutional requirement, insurance offers calmness, knowing you are covered in case of any eventuality. With plenty of insurers claiming to offer the best, car insurance comparison Singapore might take a toll on you. Here, we explore things you should be on the lookout for to secure the best car insurance services in Singapore.

Relevant Considerations when Choosing your Insurance Plan

It would help if you considered other metrics before deciding on a plan. While skimping does not necessarily indicate a better deal, you should try to settle on a manageable option for the best results. Here is a list of considerations you should take into account.

Are You Buying Comprehensive, TPO, or TPFT?

One of the fundamental questions you will need to respond to when shopping for your car insurance policy is whether you desire comprehensive, third party only, or third party and theft coverage. Each plan varies in price and offers a different level of coverage.

Comprehensive insurance plans are the most expensive and have the most extensive scope. TPFT plans are relatively lower than comprehensive, whereas TPO is the lowest, insuring you only for liability against the other party in an accident. Your choice depends on your budget and your set objective.

If you are financing your new car with a car loan, a comprehensive plan is often necessary. This policy insures you not just for damages to the other party, but your losses too. Comprehensive further deliver more optional features and benefits you may add to your plan, customizing to fit your preferences.

Choosing Excess

Also known as a deductible, excess refers to the amount of money payable before your insurance steps up to cover the remaining cost of your car repair or replacement. You will need to make several choices regarding excess.

Damage/Loss to Insured Vehicle

Typically, your insurance company pays up the market value of your car at the period of the accident to repair your vehicle. However, some companies do not cover losses or damages resulting from uncontrollable natural calamities like floods. You need to read carefully through your plans policy documents to understand the exact extent of coverage and avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Personal Accidental and Medical Coverage

Companies differ in the level of coverage and number of persons covered under the policy. While some companies offer more extensive coverage, others offer fewer benefits when it comes to medical cover.

Other insurers, however, may not automatically include personal accident benefits or medical cover in their quote but offer it as an additional feature you pay extra for. You should examine your contract closely to determine the extent of cover and available terms on your policy.

Other Optional Features to Consider

Singapore insurers allow subscribers other additional convenience benefits and features. Depending on your insurer, you can enjoy these additional benefits by upgrading your premium or adding them to your policy individually. Here are some of the most common premium features you can consider adding to your plan.

  • Loss of Use

Suppose you get an accident and your car needs some workshop repairs; you may find yourself stranded with no means of transport. Insurance companies give a loss of use benefit to eliminate such inconveniences, whereby they pay a daily compensation to help with your transport fees until you fix your car.

You need to look out for this feature in your plans documents. Although not considered a standard feature in comprehensive plans, some insurers usually include it in their plans automatically.

  • NCD Protector

NCD protector protects your NCD from dropping at all in case of a car accident. Without this feature, your NCD suffers tremendously from the accident. Besides paying potentially hundreds of additional dollars on your premium when renewing your policy, you will need to maintain three consecutive years of driving without filing a claim to build your NCD back up its initial level before the accident.

Most insurers deliver an NCD protector benefit for about 10% on your premium. Other companies offer a complimentary NCD protector to those drivers with a 50% NCD. If your budget allows it, paying a slightly high premium on this feature is a bonus since it may save you some dollars and offer you peace of mind.

Conclusion Most insurers promise to offer the best deal for you in the Singapore market. However, without proper car insurance comparison Singapore, it can be hard to be entirely sure. Motor insurance is a highly concentrated affair with many players. Hence, you will need a thorough understanding of the market and premiums to land yourself the best available deal.