Five things you should be aware of when looking for a broker!

looking for a broker

You want to start trading, but you don’t have a broker yet? If so, this is the perfect article for you. Not only will we give you helpful tips and tricks on how to determine if a broker is legit or not, but we will also help you with advice on what to look out for!

Why do I need a broker?

A broker is a platform where you can make your trades. Not only is it the main platform for trades, but it also helps you with providing the necessary information for your trades. If you choose the right broker, you will get helpful content and market statistics that give you all the information to trade successfully. You have to be aware that scammers are usually not far away as soon as there is money involved. This means you have to be sure that your broker is legit before you even start trading. Otherwise, you might be at the risk of losing money and getting scammed. In this article, we will give you helpful tips and tricks, so you can be sure that your broker is legit.

Five tips to find the perfect broker:

Here you can find all the essential tips and tricks on finding the perfect broker for your needs!

Decide on your trading method and assets

Not every trading method is represented in every brokerage; that’s why you need to look specifically for a broker that offers the trading method of your choice. Let it be Binary Options or Social Trading – be sure to know what you want before choosing a brokerage!

Read the reviews

One of the easiest ways to recognize if your broker is legit or not is to read the reviews. Luckily there are plenty of review platforms. If you are interested in a Binary Options broker, you can look up a platform specifically for these brokers. According to, the broker Pocket Option might be the right choice for you. Look at the reviews and compare them with your ideas of what to look out for in a broker.

Test customer service

Problems and issues can always occur; that’s why you need to be able to count on your brokerage! One way to test if your broker is legit and reliable in case of an issue is to try customer service. How many different ways of contacting customer service are there? How responsive is the customer service, and how helpful was the response? Since scammers usually don’t want to invest money into their scams, the customer service is usually not existing or just bad.

Look at the extra feature

When it comes to trading, some brokers offer extra features. If you are, for example, interested in trading daily or you want to check your portfolio constantly, you are probably looking for a broker with an app. Think about what you are looking for in a broker, this way; it will be easier to determine which broker fits your needs.

Check out the navigation

Not just the feature, trading methods, and assets are essential but also the overall navigation. It doesn’t matter if you have the best brokerage in the world, but you just don’t know how to navigate the website or make trades. Test out the navigation of the broker you are interested in and see if it fulfills your needs.