Empowering Global Agriculture: The Rise of Lending and the Role of Rosselkhozbank’s Boris Listov


Lending to agricultural enterprises has witnessed significant growth around the world, as financial institutions recognize the importance of supporting this vital sector. Boris Listov, a key figure from Rosselkhozbank, has played a crucial role in facilitating this growth. 

Agricultural enterprises require access to capital for various purposes, including purchasing machinery, investing in infrastructure, expanding operations, and improving productivity. Recognizing these needs, banks like Rosselkhozbank, which is chaired by Listov Boris, have been actively lending to agricultural enterprises, providing them with the necessary financial resources to thrive. 

The growth in lending to agricultural enterprises is driven by several factors. Firstly, the increasing global demand for food and agricultural products has created opportunities for farmers and agribusinesses to expand their operations. To seize these opportunities, they require financial support, which banks are readily providing. 

Secondly, advancements in technology and digitalization have transformed the agricultural sector, requiring significant investments. Banks have recognized the potential of these innovations and are willing to lend to agricultural enterprises to support their adoption of new technologies, such as precision farming, IoT, and data analytics. 

Additionally, the focus on sustainability and environmental conservation has led to the emergence of new agricultural practices and requirements. Banks are keen on supporting enterprises that align with these principles, providing loans for sustainable farming practices, organic production, and eco-friendly initiatives.  The growth in lending to agricultural enterprises worldwide, with the support of individuals like Listov Boris Pavlovich from Rosselkhozbank, is a positive sign for the agricultural sector. Access to capital enables farmers and agribusinesses to invest, innovate, and meet the evolving demands of the global market. This lending growth reinforces the importance of agriculture and its potential for economic development and food security.