Top Services and Perks of Using Credit Card

When it comes to a credit card, it is a useful monetary product which is used for regular purchases. It is further can help you purchase big-ticket things like TV, touring package, jewellery. It is because the fund for these kinds of items is not always available with us. Besides the convenience factor, the credit card has a lot of advantages as it offers holders opportunities to build credit, earn rewards along with cash back, all the more, it can also protect users against credit card fraud.

Now the time was goes when people used to keep pocket notes in their pocket. Now the time is of plastic money. The plastic three-four cards in your purse give you the freedom to roam around and shop anywhere. In the past few years, plastic money has got a lot in the country, especially the credit card. Between the common man’s minds, the credit card is popular, but he avoids using it, because it is still borrowed from the perspective spending.

Benefits of Using a Credit Card

If it is used in a responsible manner, credit cards can be valuable tools for earning rewards, managing an emergency situation, or unplanned expenses, by building credit card. When it comes to rewards, credit cards are exactly what the name denotes. It rewards the cardholder for making purchases. Moreover, rewards can vary with the type of card and the issuer. Certain rewards are cash back, discounts of some kinds of purchases, redeem them for items they were going to obtain.

On the other hand, credit cards are also advantageous for travelling. At the time, major hotels, car rentals require a credit card to allow booking rooms and vehicle. When you lack having the necessary cash on your bank account, a credit card is your saviour. In cases of probable fraudulent scenes, alerts can be sent via phone call or email. For example, Citi bank credit card has a good way of dealing with these situations. As a matter of fact, a credit card is not linked to savings account or checking, therefore, there is a lesser risk of theft on these accounts.

Responsible use of credit cards

Unlike any other product or services, the benefits of a credit card can only be enjoyed only when they are used in a responsible manner. Purchases that have an allowance to be paid within a stipulated time-frame can experience the benefit of credit cards. But, if there is no plan to return the balance, it is going to incur interests, decrease the purchasing power, and potentially restrict the benefits of possessing a credit card. There is an amazing rule of thumb for a responsible credit card use. Do not use credit cards for any sort of impulsive purchases or unaffordable items, in case, you are unable to pay them in the given time period.

We all know credit card is capable of transferring balances, and if you can maintain the benefits, then you will be the gainer. A balance substitution takes place when users shift the balance on an individual or many credit cards to a different credit card. Now, the balance that is transferred will fall under the interest rate premises and the terms and conditions of the new card. Many times, issuers of the credit card advance checked time, 0% initial balance interest to the new claimants or cardholders. If you want to use a balance transfer offer, it is highly recommended that you read all the Citibank credit card Guide by trickyfinance which will be discussed below.

Citi Bank Credit Cards: A Brief Overview

When it comes to Citi bank, it is one of the world’s largest issuer of credit cards. Well, largely does not mean the best, but, they offer solutions to catch up with several kinds of spending programs. It takes into consideration the reward credit card and also works with small business finance.

Citi bank has three types of card for travel. They are Citi Prestige card, Citi Thank You Premier Card, and Expedia +card from Citi. Now, if you have to take the benefits of these three Citi bank credit cards, then you have to follow certain guidelines. Travellers who require frequent trips, get the entire benefit from prestige card, like access to priority lounge and so on. If you want to earn Thank You points, the the Thank You card is the best option as the annual fees are now reduced.

Citi bank has three types of credit card reward card. They are Citi Thank You preferred credit card, Citi Than You preferred credit card for college students, and AT&T access card from Citi. If you want to get hold of a reward earning Citi card, then Citi Thank You preferred credit card will be the best option.

Bottom line

If you have a credit card and want to make proper use then it is essential to follow the guidelines and use it accordingly. To maintain the good score of using a credit card will help you get loans and drive purchases with easy instalments too. Today, using a credit card is a no-bog deal, probably everyone possesses one credit card and payments are made by that. But what matters is the purchasing capacity and how you can manage the cards and payments.