How Can You Effectively Check Credit Card Application Status?


If you have lately applied for a credit card, and checked that your application status is still pending, you need to go through this particular piece of writing. This piece of writing is how you can check your credit card application status effectively. There are a number of procedures which you can apply to check your ICICI credit card application status. Some might be done online and some might be done manually. Check out the various methods to check credit card applications status and other details regarding the same.

Checking Credit Card Application with the help of telephone:

Banks have their own automated Tele-calling system which helps the users to check the credit card application status. You can call at the automated telephone number to know the credit card application status. This particular feature is for those people who are not tech-savvy enough to use the internet or other smart features.

Therefore, those people can always use the telephone features as the helplines are always available for everyone. To check the application status, you need to place a call at the designated number and enter the social security number through the automated system.

Checking Credit Card Application Online through bank website:

If you want to check your credit status online, you can do that too by online means. All you need to know is how to handle the internet effectively. Apart from this, you need to be quite familiar with the bank’s website. But, in this particular case, there are some factors which you need to keep in mind. Make sure to know beforehand that if your credit card application status is pending or is denied, there is no way you can check your application status from the bank’s website. You can only check it when your application is approved.

Checking Credit Card Application with the help of internet banking:

Another effective way of checking your credit card status online is checking via net banking. You need to have a net banking account in order to check your credit card status online through net banking. With the help of net banking, it is quite easier checking the status other than the website feature.

Thus, if you want to check your credit card application status online through a smartphone or a computer, online net banking is the ultimate way to get it done. But, in order to get it done you need to be quite familiar with the net banking portal. As it is quite complex, newcomers face difficulties sometimes, but as you get used to it, you can feel comfortable checking your application status.

Checking Credit Card Application with the help of various apps:

It is another alternative for checking the credit card application status. There are various apps available on the internet which you can download and use for checking the credit card application status. Those apps have a simple user interface.

You just need to download the application from the play store and sign up with your credentials. After signing up, you have to log in with the same credentials. Once you are in the user portal, there will be various options available which you can choose as per your preference. Once you are familiar with the user portal you check the status by following the steps directed in the screen.

What happens if your application is denied?

Do not panic as this is a particular case that happens to everyone or the other. Therefore, worrying and panicking will not work unless you know what decision to take in this particular situation. If your credit card application status has not been approved, you can reach out to the bank authorities for knowing the reason behind the same.

Furthermore, you can directly call the credit card authorities for knowing the reason and asking what can be done in this particular case. Do not bother as you can communicate with the bank helpline experts as they are available 24*7 to cater to your demands.

How to use a credit card?

If you go to your city mall and purchase a credit card then it’s a credit card machine near the mall in which they scratch your credit card and then put the amount of the one you used to pay. Hey two slips out of it lives near a mall in it and the other lives near you.

To use online credit card you need to have some understanding of a credit card. If you pay online, you have to fill the details below.

  • Credit Card Number
  • Name on Credit Card
  • Expiry date of credit card

Final Words Regarding Credit Card Application Status

There are various problems that might take place while you are applying for a credit card. However, make sure to keep one thing in mind that no matter how severe the issue might be, it is easily solvable. Thus, when you are facing a problem regarding credit cards, make sure to make contact the bank authorities as your first priority.

Also, you can always check out the credit card application guide by financesjungle for more information. If you face any query while understanding, you can get in touch with the authorities as they are available all the time for helping you out. So, the next time you are struggling with the process, make sure to carry out any one of the processes from above so that your process gets easier than ever before.