Countries That Tax For Casino Winnings

Tax For Casino Winnings

There is no doubt that winnings in online casinos across Europe are free as these nations’ governments would instead tax the casinos rather than the players. However, the fact also remains that certain countries would still mandate you to pay a low tax on some casino winnings. You can find out more about casino winnings and tax though

There are some casinos in some countries in Europe that have benchmarks on big winnings. They insist that you have to pay tax on them though this depends on the kind of sites you are playing the games. That is why casino sites’ terms and conditions have to be carefully examined before logging on to play games.

Ireland is one of the European cities known for placing taxes on online gamblers. There are a 2% tax deduction on winning from online casinos, both retail and remote bets. The increase in the taxation of the winnings from online casinos was announced two years ago as the tax placed on Ireland’s stakes was formerly 1%.

Also, in Denmark, an online gambler can be subjected to up to 62% tax payment if he is playing games in casinos with a valid license from the Danish Gambling Authority. In Norway, online casino players are taxed through a process called Random Generated Income. Online gamblers are mandated to pay taxes after securing up to 10,000 NOK from casinos operating within non-EEA countries.

Swedish online gamblers are made to pay tax from winnings of games played in casinos that are not licensed or not running a European Single Market policy. According to the laws that govern gambling in Spain, the net profits of all the games played are summed up and taxes.

As an online casino player in Spain, you are required to submit the net profit you made from winnings made from each casino site you visited as part of your income and remit your tax. Spain does not take taxes on bets lightly. The Spanish Tax Agency always takes it as a matter of high priority to keep a tab on online casino players, including players of sports bets, to remit their taxes according to their winnings.

The instructions stipulate that online casino players are to declare their earnings from the casino sites visited, and failure to do so could attract severe punishments or sanctions, including jail terms. In Germany’s case, the German states directly deduct 5% of the money used for staking bets but not from the winnings.

Although many online gamblers in Germany have argued that deduction from the stakes is as good as placing taxes on online bets, the German government has claimed that it only deals with a certain percentage of the stakes, not on the earnings from the chances.

Meanwhile, in Finland, incomes government made from online casinos and other kinds of gamblings are categorized under the Finnish Income Tax Act. Although winnings from the casino are free from tax except the casino sites are being operated in countries that are not running a single market among countries within Europe. Finland has almost the same tax regulation as the Netherlands. The Dutch government also does not place a tax on winnings from casinos operated within EEA countries.

Countries Like Poland, Greece, and Romania tax online casino players annually. They do not tax them immediately; they secure winnings in bets played but instead, do a compilation of their earnings from the games played online over the year and deduct the tax, most especially if the earnings are high to a certain level.


Most European countries do not purely mandate payment of tax on winnings from online casinos. Still, some of these countries, France particularly, demand taxes on income made from online bets, including land-based casinos. Gamblers’ money through online casinos is grouped under “Personal Income,” which stipulates tax payment.

It is noteworthy that rules and regulations or terms and conditions concerning tax payment on winnings of online casino games in countries across Europe differ. But the fact is that most countries across the European continent do not overlook tax payments concerning winnings secured from casino sites outside Europe.