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News Spy is one of the leading computerised trading software in the crypt space for the ensuing reasons:

  • Free App for All Traders: News Spy is an open trading app for all community members. There are no concealed fees, brokerage commissions, or other costs associated with handling the News Spy app. Thus, you gain to hold everything you earn working on the software.
  • Trade Various Financial Assets: News Spy partners with the world’s main brokerage stages to empower the members to trade various financial instruments. The assets involve Bitcoin, crypto coins, and tokens like Ether (ETH), XRP, BAT, and Litecoin. The News Spy platform has distinct financial instrument categories like assets such as Gold, FX Pairs such as EURUSD and Indices like the S&P 500.
  • No Downloads : For Mobile and Computer Devices: News Spy software is a web-based software that doesnít need users to download, install, or renew any app. It is compatible with mobile and computer devices that have updated browsers and internet link.
  • High Accuracy Levels of Over 99%: News Spy executes excellent trading tactics and takes benefit of advanced technologies to trade cryptocurrencies, resulting in a precision rate of over 99%. Thus, all members are assured of gaining maximum profits each day.
  • Smart Account Sign Up: To register the News Spy community, you have to sign up in a manner that takes less than a few moments. Once your News Spy account is authorised, you can commence using the software for free to make daily profits.
  • Daily Profits: The considerable success percentage of News Spy software ensures all traders earn daily profits. Each member of the News Spy association makes $1,000 per day trading.
  • Swift Account Verification: The brokerage programs establish customer accounts instantly. The attestation process is swift, and you can commence using the News Spy software to trade and gain profits immediately. Our account verification complies with the KYC and AML guidelines.
  • Best Banking System: News Spy chooses an excellent banking system to guarantee traders donít have difficulties depositing and withdrawing repositories. We allow multiple payment options, including Credit/Debit cards, popular e-wallets, and Bank wire.
  • Demo Account: The demo account is possible for an extended time and is free of cost. The demo account works as an excellent way for traders to study how the platform works and examine different trading strategies before trading with actual money.
  • Customer Service: News Spy places elevated emphasis on practical customer assistance. Thus, the reason why the team of expert traders chose to assist your trading necessities 24/7.

Features of News Spy

VPS Support: News Spy recommends VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. The feature executes it simple for the News Spy to provide trading signals 24/7 and manage the profitable ones. It implies you can earn cash with the News Spy even while you are gone.

Demo Account: The demo account is open for all News Spy users for an endless time. It implements a trader to experiment with various trading plans before using them with the real trading option.

Time Leap: News Spy employed superior cloud-based technologies to sojourn onward of the market by 0.01 seconds. This course leap is the cause of 99.4% of all the trades results in profits.

Trading Criteria Tester: This unique innovation enables users to test and verify trading strategies’ achievement on the software. Hence, it is straightforward to enhance and transform the trading parameters before trading with actual money.

Click Here to Open A Free Account In Three Easy Steps

  • Step 1 : Sign Up – Fill out the information on the News Spy website and anticipate for a confirmation email. Once initiated with the trading account, you can commence trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the software. Keep in thought that the News Spy software doesnít have any signup charge.
  • Step 2 : Fund The Account – Once your News Spy account is initiated, you can deposit funds into the account and start trading Bitcoin and other monetary instruments. The minimum deposit provision is $250, after which you can access our brokerage platforms to begin exchanging the assets.
  • Step 3 : Earn Profits – The last move is to commence trading the crypto-assets and to get daily profits. Just set the trading parameters of the software based on your trading favourites. The News Spy software deals for you, and you acknowledge out the gains. You can also choose the manual trading form.

Is News Spy Legit?

The increasing amount of scam schemes within the crypto space creates a lot of investors to be sceptical. Nevertheless, you can be assured of trading with legit software while using the News Spy. The software results from periods of in-depth research from specialists in mathematics, software engineering, and economics, thus, guaranteeing that the software is legit and the products created are profitable. The News Spy software practices various high-end procedures such as the time leap to sojourn ahead of the overall markets and generate handsome gains. Since its conception, the News Spy software has developed millions of dollars for our members. The performance of the software has witnessed it record numerous awards, including the US Trading Association.


Using News Spy software provides members with a sense of achievement and success. The fact that you can earn money trading digital money with no experience is incredible. The News Spy is an automated software that manipulates crypto trading with zero human intervention. The softwareís unique algorithms allow it to determine the profitable signals within the crypto market and perform the trades quicker and further efficiently than any human trader. In enhancement to this, the News Spyís user-interface is well-designed, marking it comfortable to navigate on both computer and mobile browsers. The manual trading alternative is available for traders who want to regulate their trading activities entirely.