All You Must Know About The Bank of India | BOI Net Banking – How To Activate, Benefits & Login Process!


 Net banking and mobile banking are the facilities that enable you to carry out banking transactions at the time and place of your choice. You can reach Net Banking from your personal computer or laptop, and Mobile Banking by smartphone or browser, subject to internet connection availability. Here is something you should know about BOI net banking.

Bank of India (BOI) is one of India’s premier Public Sector Bank. BOI provides all Digital Banking services to its customers, such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Missed Call Banking, etc. Earlier, to get Bank of India’s (BOI) Internet Banking facility, Customer needs to visit Bank branches. Bank of India has now started an Internet Banking self-registration process online. Now any of Bank of India’s customers can self-register online for Bank of India’s Internet Banking services without visiting the bank branch Bank of India.

It has its headquarters at the Bandra Kurla Complex. Mumbai is one of India’s top five rankings nationalized commercial banks. It was founded in 1906 with a handful of 50 workers, and since the nationalization of banks in 1969, it falls within the purview of the Central Government.

Since January 2017, Bank of India has a widespread network of 5,100 outlets, which is distributed across each nook and corner of the country. Further, it has an exclusive distinction of being the founding member of the SWIFT Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Communications, which offers cost-effective financial transmission as well as communications services.

What is Net Banking?

Net banking, online banking, or internet banking is another name. It is a system that provides a bank account holder with the facility to get his small Bank related work done from home via internet P.C. or on mobile internet. It allows the user to perform many different kinds of transactions from one account to another via the internet, pay his bills, do online shopping, or send money with just his mobile or P.C. From home. Anyone can also check with this facility the details of his bank account, such as balance and everything.

How To Activate BOI Net Banking?

Bank of India’s (BOI) Electronic Internet Banking Services registration process is not much of a concern due to poor I.T. infrastructure. Anyway, with little effort client will trigger and create the Bank of India Internet Banking Login userID and Password.

  • Step 1: Visit the authorized website of BOI and thereafter, click on the retail (i.e. orange color link) from the sidebar for finding that link under internet banking. Or visit the website of BOI Internet Banking directly.
  • Step 2: Click on the “New User” button on BOI’s net banking homepage.
  • Step 3: Enter your account number and mobile number registered here. Click on Continue after entering the captcha Security text. (Note–Please ensure that you have the following handy before starting the registration process: account number, ATM / Debit Card linked to account number, ATM / Debit Card credentials, the Mobile number registered to account number) Note: Country code prefix to your mobile number without sign(+), e.g.-9199******33 not + 9199******33.
  • Step 4: You would also need to enter a one-time password (OTP) which you will get on your registered mobile number in the next step. Enter the obtained OTP on your mobile phone, and press the Continue icon.
  • Step 5: You will have to fill in your ATM card information on the next level. Hit the Continue button after entering credentials for your Debit-cum-ATM card.
  • Step 6: Click on Read now and accept all the terms and conditions which are shown while using the Bank’s e-banking facility. Tap on the “I consent to the Agreement-cum-Indemnity” checkbox and then click Allow continuing.
  • Step 7: You will be prompted to enter your internet banking credentials on the next tab. Simply make a password which includes alphabets, special characters, and numbers, e.g.-@a2ab 12Z, and after that, press Start.
  • Step 8: After you press Start, the following pop-up notification will show on your computer screen, “Your request to establish an Internet Banking User ID is complete.” Click “Yes” and take down your reference number, Customer id, as well as login user id. Significant! Before pressing some buttons, note down all the information.
  • Step 9: Activation of this service takes one working day, now after 24 hours, you can access your account.

Benefits of BOI Internet banking

Here are some benefits that you must know about the BOI net banking. Some major advantages.

1. Fast validation

Once you have an online connection to your business account in front of your P.C. monitor, it is quick and straightforward to verify every payment from your Customer. You don’t just need to enter the Branch to check your new purchase, because you can see it online right away.

2. Instant money transfer

One advantage of this form of banking is transferring company funds in the comfort of your home or office to other accounts or other banks. For a similar Bank, you may transfer your funds from one of your accounts to the other. Also, you can send money by money transfer to your seller, and there is no need to go to the Bank just to send money as you can do it anywhere with online business banking.

3. Pay bills online

The distinctive advantage of this kind of banking is paying bills electronically. There are collections of organizations to which you can pay bills such as television, utility companies, or paying memberships in your banking account. Also, you can make scheduled payments for bills that are recurring like utility bills or make an instant payment for bills that you just recently incurred.

4. Easy to find records, BOI Net Banking Benefits

Searching for your past financial banking records is no challenge; you will quickly see it in your report using the online business banking system. Just go to Transaction history and select your transaction date and type. After all, this material gets furnished, press scan, and presto, and you have the specifics of the financial activity of your business.

5. Ready statement of accounts

 You don’t have to wait until your Bank’s account statement gets in the mail. You can have it in a flash with Internet banking by requesting it via your account. Simply print it out, and you can have your latest statement on hand.

6. 24*7 customer service

You don’t have to fear whether you experience problems or complications with your transaction because there is always a customer support desk that will help you solve your problems. You should contact them or give them an email mentioning the specific problem you have faced, and it will get quickly resolved.

How to login to BOI net banking for the first time?

If you’ve enrolled with BOI for net banking, then the next move is to sign in, but the first time you log in to BOI is a bit tricky, so here I’ll tell you how to log in to BOI net banking first.

BOI Net banking user ID: this is the user I.D. That you can receive in the BOI after you register with net banking. And if you’ve authenticated offline by visiting Branch, then you can get this banking user I.D. from the Branch’s net banking pack.

BOI Net Banking login password: It is the Password you created the first time you registered for it.

The login process for offline BOI net banking branch registered

If you’ve registered by visiting the BOI branch, then you’ll have to take another step. Once they have agreed to terms and conditions and clicked on Start, a new window would appear in front of them, telling them to change their Password.

Insert the Password in the net banking package that was given by the Bank. And then, in the file, you will enter a new password and repeat the password. After this process is completed, we will click on Ok. You have fruitfully signed in to your BOI net banking account. With an Internet connection, you can get every net banking facility on your P.C. or your smartphone.

How to Reset your Password in BOI net banking?

If you have forgotten your BOI net banking password, then you should use the Online Password Generation facility to reset it online. This facility allows the Customer to promptly access his / her account in case they don’t remember their BOI net banking password.

After that, visit the Bank of India’s official website: http://www.bankofindia.com; on the right side, and you will see the Internet banking menu. Later click on the button, “Forget Password.”

Create the User ID, ATM Card No Debit Cum, ATM Key, and ATM Card Expiry Date Debit Cum.

E-service facilities covered in BOI net banking

Bank of India offers its clients with the most efficient products and services to please them. This Bank has been at the helm of announcing various kinds of services as well as solutions with its strong adherence to the policy of caution and prudence.

Bank of India offers its Banking customers with e-services that enable them to carry out the necessary transaction as well as non-transaction activities from the comfort of any place or location. BOI Net banking will allow you to complete all simple banking transactions, anywhere, wherever.

The nature of transactions covered under its BOI net banking e-service platform are

  •  Bill Payment
  •  Fund Transfer (inert-Bank)
  • Internet Banking
  •  Mobile Banking
  •  Ticket Booking
  •  E-filing of I.T. Return
  •  I.T. Return verification through Internet Banking
  •  Online Share Trading
  •  Failed Transaction Refund Claim
  • Track Loan Status
  • IMT Money Transfer
  • Gift Card Balance Enquiry
  • BOI Star EazyPay
  •  Generate Statement of Account online

Process of application for BOI net banking facility

Additionally, you can also apply directly from the Bank to your Home branch for Internet Banking service. To do this, you need to fill out a required application form for this facility on your account number.

  • The Branch will after that send you a Pre-printed Kit (PPT), which contains the User Name as well as the Password for the first login via Indian Postal service at your registered address.
  • Further, log in to the homepage of the Bank of India (www.bankofindia.com) and after that, but the Username and Password under Internet Banking Retail option(www.bankofindia.co.in internet banking retail).
  • You will go through a simple initialization process upon the first login.
  • For security reasons, do remember to change your password after the first use.
  • You are now prepared for future actions with a Username and Password.

Things to keep in mind when doing BOI net banking

Anyone using internet banking should be phishing conscious. Phishing is a fraud where a person attempts to obtain the Customer’s confidential information about their Bank of India bank account.

The confidential information of the Customer includes ATM PIN, transaction password, login password, login user id, CVV number, BOI Credit Card details, etc. Through fake pop-up windows, emails, and official-like Bank of India web pages. The emailing person fakes the Bank’s identity and causes the user to enter their confidential bank information and details on behalf of Bank of India or to navigate the Customer through a link attached to the email to a website similar to the official website of Bank of India.

 The Customer should note that the Bank of India never sends a short notice email to the account holder. And also never asks for any personal details such as debit card number, credit card number, PIN, CVV number, Net banking user I d or Password, etc. The Customer should be aware that the Bank is not asking about emails and phone calls for such details. The Bank’s emails give say only of the facilities and promotional offers provided by Bank of India.

The consumer should be informed of any such emails and should not click on any pop-up windows or connections attached to the email. And, they should submit any suspicious emails to the Bank immediately. They should send every sensitive and confidential request the Bank of India has always endeavored to provide its consumers with better user interfaces and facilities, so the Bank is continuously updating its Internet banking platform.

The consumer may notice the improvements in the user interface. If you are searching for loans in Bank of India, they will provide all types of loans at low-interest rates. One should update their purchase and username password always and very regularly because changing the Password will reduce the risk of password theft and make the internet banking account safer.

Customers should stop signing into BOI net banking, for example, in cybercafé, publicly accessible machines, on any undisclosed device. They should always seek to log in to their personal computers only. In any event or any situation, the client will connect to the publicly accessible device and then use the virtual keyboard to type personal and private information such as username address, login user id, and Password for the purchase.

We’d experience the best internet banking experience in Internet Explorer version 9, Mozilla Firefox 34, Google Chrome 40, and Safari 7.

To reach the Bank’s official web page, customers should not click on any hyperlinks, but should always type the site address ww.bankofindia.co.in.

Customers should always have their device secured and patched with the new antivirus and updates when using internet banking.