Avoid Huge Fees With These Currency Exchange Tips

currency exchange

When you are going on a trip, you want to spend your money on adventures, great food or memorable souvenirs. What you donít want to be spending money on are currency exchange charges and fees. These tips will help you avoid huge fees while still exchanging your money for the currency you need.

Skip The Airport

When you get off the airplane in a foreign country, you may immediately see places to exchange currency. These airport centers are quite convenient, it is true, but they should definitely be avoided. The airport currency exchange centers prey on the captive audience that they have and charge large fees to exchange any amount of currency. So, while it may be tempting to quickly exchange your currency in the airport, keep on walking and look for a place once you are in the outside world.

Partner Banks

Before you travel, you should call your personal home-based bank and see if they have an affiliate overseas. Many banks are global and associated with others across the world. This can benefit you greatly as banks may give better currency exchange deals to their members. So, when you are traveling if you seek out a partner bank, exchanging that AUD to INR may not cost as much as it would elsewhere.

Use Your ATM Card

If you are still looking for a fast way to get the local currency, you should try using your ATM card at any bank owned, reliable ATM. While many ATMs have a standard usage cost, this is likely much lower than what a currency exchange center would charge. In addition, most ATM charges have a flat rate, single use amounts whereas some other exchange locations may charge a variable rate, asking for more if you take out more cash. Using an ATM is a great way to get a good exchange rate without paying a lot.

Order Ahead

One of the best ways to save a lot in currency exchange fines is to order your currency ahead of time. Thatís right, you can get money before you go! There are a few ways to do this too. First, you can look online at currency exchange website. You can type in the amount of cash you need and instantly see how much you will get when you exchange your AUD for INR. These sites typically have some of the best rates around so you can place your order then have the currency delivered to your doorstep! You will have cash in hand in no time!

Another way to order currency is through your bank. Many banks will carry a variety of popular currencies and may be able to exchange your money on the spot. Other times, the bank can order you the currency you need. If you order a larger amount of money, the bank may waive or lower transaction fees as well. No matter what, this method will surely save you cash since your native bank will definitely give you a good deal on currency exchange.