Allahabad Bank Net Banking | Registration Process Made Easy

Online banking has become the new resort for people looking for a banking solution that doesn’t involve a long queue in it. Almost all the banks in our country have their own net banking facility. Allahabad Bank net banking can be an excellent way for the account holders of the bank as they can get their job done efficiently.

However, there are so many questions around the internet regarding a complete guide on how to activate their Allahabad Bank net banking facility. Well, this blog covers almost everything you need to know about the said topic.

Also, the wonderful Allahabad Bank net banking Guide by financexod is going to solve your problem for the day. To get started with the introduction the process doesn’t include any complications however you have to visit your home branch of Allahabad Bank to acquire your net banking kit. The kit will have the username and the password with which you can access your net banking account for the first time. You can change both the username and the password, although the username change is available for only one time.

Moreover, the blog here has all the registration steps that you have to go through to activate your net banking account. For those of you, who are coming across the term internet banking or net banking in that case for the first time have nothing to worry about, Internet Banking is clearly the rendition of banking services over the internet on your personal computer or laptop. Internet banking has now become the most convenient way of accessing your bank accounts remotely. With the help of internet banking, you get to transfer funds, pay bills and do a lot more without visiting your nearest branch. The thing that is even more interesting is that there is no service charge involved in this type of banking facility. However, there might be a specific charge for transferring funds but to avail the feature there is absolutely zero charges incurred.

Registration Procedure for Allahabad Bank Net banking Facility

As said earlier, the service will be entirely free of cost. Hence, there will be no charges for the registration procedure as well. Users having an account in Allahabad Bank is enough to suffice the purpose. Along with that Debit Card, ATM PIN and the registered mobile number for the bank account is equally important. Following this section, there will be a step-by-step guide to complete the registration process successfully.

Step 1: Allahabad Bank Mobile Banking Registration

  • To activate your internet banking account, you first have to register for the mobile banking facility.
  • To do so, you have to download the Allahabad Bank empower mobile banking application on your smartphone.
  • It is available on both Google PlayStore for the devices running Android and on the App Store for iPhones and iPads.
  • Once you the downloading is over, open the application and click on the ‘Register’ option and follow the on-screeninstructions.

Step 2: Get Started with the Internet Banking Registration Process

  • Once your mobile banking registration procedure is complete, you can start with the internet banking registration process.
  • You have to log-in to your mobile banking application and click on the ‘More’ option to find the ‘Internet Banking Registration’ option.
  • The registration process for internet banking will take place inside the application itself making the entire procedure remarkably easy.

Step 3: Enter Your Account Details

  • The first thing it will ask you for is to enter the account details of your Allabahad Bank. That includes your account number and the last six digits of your debit card number.
  • Along with that you also have to submit the expiry date of your ATM card (Month/Year) and click on submit to proceed.
  • The application will come up with your User ID on the next screen which you have to note down securely.

Step 4: Crete the Login Password for your Account

  • The last and the final step for your Allahabad Bank net banking registration procedure is to create a password for your account.
  • Create a strong and unique log-in password for your internet banking account.
  • Enter the password twice to confirm it and make sure to select the checkbox ‘Do You Want Transaction Facility to Be Enabled’ which will be located right below the login password section.
  • After you finish doing all the above-said things, click on Submit to end the process successfully.

Final Words

We hope that the blog has shared enough information for the Allahabad Bank users to complete their registration process for net banking. Make sure that you are following all the steps correctly to evade any kinds of mistakes that may hamper the registration process. Having said that good luck with your registration process and for any further clarification, the comment sections are always down there.