5 Patek Philippe Watches Worthy of Investment


You may be wondering why investing in a luxury watch is a little bit addicting. At first, it’s easy to say that buying a luxury watch is a good way to celebrate or to mark a milestone. However, after about two to three timepieces, watch collectors cannot help to continue buying more pieces for their own collection. One of the reasons is that luxury timepieces are a great work of art. It is built with a very admirable pristine engineering that every person will really love.

If you are new to the industry, you may be wondering which of the many timepieces in the market are worthy to own. The answer actually depends on the type of your lifestyle. However, there’s one luxury timepiece that is a real must-have for every collector: Patek Philippe. This watch is considered one of the most expensive and luxurious timepieces in the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at this brand and see what other people love about it.

Patek’s History

It was in 1939 that founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and François Czapek established this watch company. It was originally named Patek, Czapek & Cie. However, it was in 1851 that the company was named Patek, Philippe & Cie after the Maison received accolades for creating keyless winding and hand-setting systems and received their patent for the said technology.

After a couple of years, Patek Philippe Watches have become widely recognized around the world for producing the very first complicated wristwatch for women. It has a five-minute repeater that was unique and a pioneering design in 1916. The early 1900s is a continuous timeline of success stories in terms of watch manufacturing for the brand. It was during this time as well that the company started investing in various types of complicated timepieces that we know today.

To date, Patek Philippe is known as the last independent and family-owned Genevan watch manufacturer in the world. They continue to pursue creating the best Genevan timepieces that will make a mark in the industry. Because of their quality engineering and watchmaking techniques, Patek Philippe’s watch collection is often the star of many auctions and has increased in value through the years.

Patek Philippe’s collections

Patek Philippe is applauded and admired by many because of its stunning collections and models. Every watch collector is simply mesmerized by the variety of options that this watch manufacturer offers. Here are some of their collections that are worth checking out.

  1. Nautilus

The Nautilus collection is well-known for putting elegance into sports watches. This timepiece is made with a rounded octagonal bezel that is paired with stunning studs of diamond on the bezel. Since its launch in 1976, this timepiece has become an instant hit to athletic, and stylish, men and women. One of the best things about this timepiece is that you can choose from a variety of materials such as steel, rose gold, white gold, or a two-tone combination. Its sophistication surpasses other luxury sports watches in the world.

  1. Complications

One of the most popular timepieces in the Patek Philippe collection is the Complications. It’s the company’s original take on classic timepieces. It is made with mechanical movement and paired with features such as the annual calendar, dual time zones, and world time displays. Because of these features, these timepieces have become an instant hit to both modern and seasoned individuals who love the complexity of watchmaking. It comes in a variety of designs and is paired with high-end leather straps.

  1. Aquanaut

Another modern and sporty collection is the Aquanaut. It is inspired by the Nautilus collection in that it takes the rounded octagon bezel design. What sets this timepiece apart is that it is paired with a tropical strap that is perfect to wear on-water activities. The materials are guaranteed ultra-resistant to extreme exposures to saltwater and UV radiation. This is one of the many reasons why divers and water sports athletes love this model.

  1. Calatrava

Simplicity and purity are the inspirations for the Calatrava collection. It’s a minimalist analog watch created for elegant and classic men and women. It has a simple rounded dial with gold lines for indexes, which stands out compared to other luxury watch brands. This watch is also paired with an alligator strap that makes it look unique and stunning. But since Patek always makes sure that their timepieces have more features than a regular watch, this timepiece is also built with a simple chronograph that tracks minutes or seconds. This model also comes in a variety of designs that will fit both men and women of all ages.

  1. Gondolo

With the art déco spirit in mind, Patek Philippe also released the Gondolo collection. It’s a stunning and alluring collection of timepieces for women. Most of its models are made with rectangular cases and sprinkled with gems and stones such as diamonds. This modern yet contemporary collection is part of Patek’s heritage and is displayed in the Patek Philippe museum.

Where to buy Patek Philippe?

There are different ways to purchase a Patek Philippe watch. Some collectors and enthusiasts prefer to walk in on their boutiques. Simply because their stores will house most of the collections and limited edition timepieces. More than that, servicing and maintenance services will be easier if the timepiece is purchased directly from them.

However, if you don’t happen to live near any of the Patek Philippe stores, there are also other ways to purchase this timepiece. Most jewelry and watch stores have some pieces of Patek in their selections. But if you are looking for the most convenient way to own this timepiece, you can check out an authorized online watch store such as The Watch Company. They have a wide range of luxury watches that can be delivered whenever you want.

Key takeaway

If you are looking to invest in a luxury watch, might as well choose the one that will truly be worthy of your hard-earned money. Patek Philippe has proven itself as one of the most sustainable and highly recognizable timepieces worldwide. Because of this, you can make sure that every timepiece in their collection is worthy of every penny. Get yours now at TheWatchCompany.com.