Your guide to planning a fashion show

fashion show

Models, designers, as well as fashionistas have come to Paris in order to celebrate the most interesting looks in haute couture. The haute couture season is finally here and people couldn’t be happier. Many don’t see the point of fashion shows. They simply can’t understand that a fashion show is an incredible opportunity for a designer to demonstrate a specific aesthetic, mood or feel. Put simply, the défilés de mode are misunderstood. Whether people like it or not, fashion shows are important. They connect designers and consumers. If you happen to be organizing a fashion show to support a friend of yours who is a designer, then you need to know that you’re way over your head. It takes commitment and coordination. If you’re willing to make the effort, then so be it. Continue reading to get the best organization tips.

Choose a theme for the fashion show

Every fashion collection needs to have an individual look – in other words, a theme. The same goes for the event. A theme will provide you a direction when it comes to things like reserving the venue. Take into consideration the style and coloring of the clothing when choosing a theme. If the pieces of clothing are formal, then the models should be walking slowly and with attitude. On the other hand, if the apparel is more casual, you can speed things up. Examples of themes include but aren’t limited to “Denim”, “Masculine Touch”, and “Gothic”. If the event takes place late at night, you can include make-up that glows in the dark and neon hair. The decision is up to you. If you’re not the designer, it’s a good idea to discuss things over with the fashioner. No matter if you’re producing the show for a friend or a small brand, it’s necessary to get things right.

Set up your event budget 

Setting up a budget is an essential part of the planning process. If you don’t have money, you can’t do anything. A budget is a properly laid out plan. When you have a plan in place, it’s easier to figure out how you’ll spend the money and make guests enjoy the soiree without digging deep into your pockets. So, how much does it cost to organize a fashion show? The answer isn’t so simple, unfortunately. While you don’t need mountains of money, substantial financing will be required. You’ll have to pay for the venue, stylist, production and PR, not to mention hair and make-up. As a rule, fashion shows cost thousands of dollars to produce. If you don’t have enough cash, consider fundraising. Many people are willing to donate money. Even more people are willing to lend a helping hand.

Figure out how to sell more tickets for the fashion show

Ticketing is very important for events that are supposed to make profits. You’re not interested in making piles of cash. Nonetheless, you need to recover your investment. It’s needless to say that tickets are a great way to produce revenue. Not only do you have to decide how much to charge for the event, but also what is the best way to sell tickets. People have hectic schedules and they may not have the time to go and purchase event passes. You want to craft a great experience for the attendees. If this is the case, and it is, it’s imperative to use event ticketing software. A system of this kind allows you to easily manage and sell tickets to your customers. thanks to the software program, you don’t have to mail printed invitations. All you have to do is design and order customized ticket stocks and wristbands. Guests will be able to purchase them from anywhere and at any time. Basically, you’ll generate cash flow prior to the fashion show. Now, isn’t that great?

Pay attention to presentation   

So what if the client is your friend? It doesn’t matter that you and the fashion designer know one another for a very long time. You’re a professional and you ought to act like one. You have to carefully prepare for the meeting with the fashion designer. It’s important to do your homework. To be more precise, learn everything there is to know about the brains behind the fashion collection.  The last thing you want is to have surprises. Introduce the topic very quickly and then try to convince the audience why your idea is the best one. If the client is okay with your vision of things, you can proceed to assemble the team.  You have to make attendees feel like stars and you can’t do that all by yourself.

Select a fashion show venue

Opting for a venue isn’t as simple as it seems. There are several aspects to consider, among which mention can be made of location, theatrics, and reputation. As far as location is concerned, you’ll want a place that heightens the impact of the event. When you find such a place, you’ll have the ideal venue location. Fashion designers are becoming more and more experimental, which is the reason why there should be the possibility of incorporating special effects. When it comes down to reputation, it’s necessary to select a venue that has experience with dress parades.

Assemble a team for an extraordinary job

Whatever tasks or duties that you can’t honor yourself have to be undertaken by somebody. You’ll be able to convince your friends and family to help you out, but you should know that it’s not enough. It’s necessary to have a cohesive team of people by your side. As mentioned earlier, there are individuals who are ready to offer their time. There is nothing more important than having a human resource plan, especially for the backstage position. The hair stylists and make-up technicians prepare the models for the big event. The stylists, au contraire, take care of the outfits. Last but not least, the runners are the ones that handle any task or duty. Give them phones or beepers so that you can stay in touch.