What Your Luxury Gucci Handbag Say About You.

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If personality had a physical appearance, it would be the way a person dresses. And no outfit is complete without that perfect Gucci handbag. Carrying a sumptuous luxury Gucci handbag is more than having an arm candy to hold your belongings. To an untrained eye, it might seem like you are carrying a good quality bag. 

However, your Gucci bag can reveal a lot more about your personality than you imagine. Ready to find out what your luxury handbag say about you? Read on!

  1. Practical and functional bags.

If you love bags which have excellent design without much frills but do not sacrifice the practicality of it, chances are you like to be organized and meticulous. At home or work, you like to have a structure and a to-do list. You can multitask effortlessly and do not get stressed quickly since you stay on top of your schedule.

Bags such as the Hermès tool bag, Gucci, Dior’s Diorever, Gucci Brit Medium Shoulderbag, and the Cèline tote bags suit your personality to the tee. 

2. The newest bags from the runways.

If the latest designer and luxury bags get you on, you are a trendsetter. You are not afraid to try the trends straight off the runways, and you love it when people follow your lead. You have a penchant for independence and love to be the center of attention, but you’re also not afraid of reaching your goals.

You hardly care about brands since it is the latest products that you are after. However, you like to make your purchase wisely. Outside of bags, you are fun to be around, and you have an eye for creativity.

3. Classic bags.

On the other spectrum of trendy, the classic loving woman does not care about the latest trends. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to get them. This woman also has a solid grasp on her life and is not bothered about what others think or say about her.

The classic bags that have a clean, minimalistic look and are highly versatile are the perfect choices. Bags from houses such as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Givenchy have a prominent place in her closet.

4. Oversized carryalls.

Women with oversized carryalls like to be prepared for anything and everything. They are constantly on the move and have a job such as photography or freelancing. They like to carry a bag that can carry everything from a pen, notebook, laptop, a camera to a spare top or denim. 

Apart from the oversized carryalls, you will also find them carrying backpacks. Bags such as Prada backpack and Gucci backpacks are the preferred bags for this woman. Check the www.mau-fashion.com guide for more inspiration and also on how to spot Gucci Replica. 

5. The sale shopper.

Irrespective of the designer or the brand, if you love the sale season, you probably are conscious about spending, but you also hoard luxury bags. You are forever scouring for the best finds, and you usually find gems causing your friends to envy you immensely.

However, you are also very creative and smart, and that’s what people like about you. You also love to share your finds with your friends, and you always have their back when it comes to completing the look with the right bag.

On the other hand, since you make frequent purchases during the sales, you probably have a lot of luxury bags than you need. You have everything from micro purses to backpacks and everything in between. 

Bags are the proverbial icing on the cake when it come to an outfit. Designers and stylist keep harping that they can make or break an outfit and we couldn’t agree more.