What Every Male Needs to Know About Beard Balm

Men choose to grow facial hair for a variety of reasons. However, any man who plans to have a beard needs to understand they must care for and maintain their facial hair, which requires discipline on their part. Consistent care ensures the facial hair enhances their appearance, and many men use beard balm to keep the beard well-groomed at all times. What should a person know about this product before making a purchase?

Choosing a Beard Balm

Select a beard balm that makes use of natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones. Synthetic ingredients often damage the facial hair follicles and irritate the skin. A beard balm made using natural ingredients softens the hair while holding it in place. Furthermore, natural ingredients rarely irritate the skin. The right balm likewise moisturizes the skin and facial hair without leaving behind brittle hair prone to breakage and split ends. Patchy and thin beards benefit from a balm containing shea butter, as this ingredient helps the hair appear thicker. Be sure to read beard balm reviews before purchasing to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

Beard Balm and Facial Hair Length

Men immediately discover beard balm is thicker than most products designed for grooming the beard. For this reason, the balm works best on those beards that are long and thick or ones where the follicles are a minimum of 1.5″ in length. This doesn’t mean men should choose other products if their beard hasn’t reached this length. The balm works much as beard oil does to moisturize the hair and minimize beard itch. Furthermore, balms containing shea butter allow for a superior hold no matter how short or long the beard is. Nevertheless, men typically purchase this balm when the beard becomes long and thick, stray hairs become a concern, and the hair is difficult to tame.

Which Products Should Be Used Together?

Men often ask grooming experts if beard balm and beard oil are both needed. Certain men choose to use both products together, while others say doing so is overkill. If a male uses them together, they should follow a certain process.

Begin by using the beard oil immediately upon exiting the shower. A few drops are enough for most men, but add more if needed. After massaging the oil into the hair and the skin underneath, use a beard brush or comb to disperse the oil. The brush helps to penetrate the layers of the beard while removing dead skin cells under the hair. The comb massages the skin while boosting blood circulation to the face covered by the hair. Finish up by using the beard balm, distributing it through the hair first with the fingers and then a beard comb or brush. This product adds moisture to the beard while taming any errant hairs. In addition, it provides the facial hair with a healthy shine.

Males find they have another option when they wish to use both products on their beards. Use one product in the morning and the other at night. Men often use the balm in the morning to remove the signs of bed beard and reserve the beard oil for use at bedtime. The oil works overnight to keep the beard soft and moisturized.

When a man is going out, he may wish to use beard oil to benefit from the scent produced by many of these products. While beard balm may have a scent, it is very faint. However, be careful that the scent isn’t so strong it turns other people off.

Applying the Beard Balm Step by Step

Upon exiting the shower, comb the beard to remove any tangles before applying beard balm. Less is more, so don’t overdo it with this product. Start with a dab that size of a marble or your fingernail. The balm often comes out of the container in a solid form. Make it more pliable by running it in a circular motion between two fingers. Once the balm becomes soft enough to manipulate, rub it between the hands until it is the consistency of oil, being sure to cover both palms and the fingers.

Apply the balm, ensuring it makes its way down to the skin during the process. To accomplish this, apply the balm using flat fingers and rub deeply. Never use the fingertips and fingernails to rub the balm into the skin. Doing so damages the facial hair and leads to split ends.

How Often Should Beard Balm Be Used?

Men should never use beard shampoo daily, as doing so strips the skin of essential oils. However, use beard balm daily with no worries. It moisturizes the skin and facial hair, so the beard doesn’t lose these natural oils. Furthermore, it ensures the beard is soft and easy to manage.

The Benefits of Beard Balm

Males find a beard balm softens the whiskers and prevents them from becoming dry and brittle. As mentioned above, it prevents split ends and ensures the beard looks and feels healthy. Regular use of beard balm reduces the risk of beardruff. Although this condition remains very common, men find it to be very aggravating. Beardruff becomes more of a concern the longer the beard gets, as the follicles need more oil and moisture to accommodate for this length. The balm eliminates the itch that plagues many men with a beard, and it ensures stray hairs become less of an issue. Furthermore, beard balm provides the facial hair with a gloss while adding volume to the hair. It helps to ensure you look your best at all times.

If you have yet to incorporate beard balm into your facial hair grooming routine, do so today. Once men try this product, they wonder why they never used it before, as it provides multiple benefits with no drawbacks. If you have a beard or wish to grow one, this is one product you need to learn more about today. You’ll love how it improves the appearance of your beard and will appreciate the boost of confidence you get when you know you look your best.