Want To Improve Your Luck? Try Wearing A Lucky Colour!

Lucky Colour

Are you trying to boost your luck? If you feel like you need to attract more good fortune into your life, one way to do it could be to wear a colour that’s traditionally associated with being lucky. Countries all over the world have their own lucky colours, so one of them is sure to suit your taste! Whether you’re redecorating a room or choosing an outfit, here are some of the world’s luckiest colours for you to pick from.

Blue For Security And Trust

Blue is one of the safest colour choices worldwide with lots of positive associations. In Europe and the USA, it represents authority, security and trust and is linked to peace and soothing. In some countries worldwide, blue symbolises evil repellency and healing. In Greece and Turkey, for example, blue amulets in the shape of an eye are said to protect the wearer from evil. In cultures in the Far East, blue symbolises immortality and in the Ukraine, it is linked to good health and well-being. In the Hindu faith, blue has associations with the god Krishna, who represents divine joy and love.

Green For Luck

In the West, green is universally linked to good luck. It also has connotations of spring, freshness and nature. In Mexico, green is the national colour, standing for independence, whilst in the Middle East it has associations with wealth and fertility. Green is also the traditional colour of the Islamic faith. In the East, green symbolises fertility, new life and youth, all of which add up to it being a lucky choice.

Red For Passion And Love

Red is a symbol of love, action, passion, energy and excitement in the west, while in Asian culture, it’s also an extremely important colour symbolising joy, celebration, prosperity, long life, happiness and luck. As it’s considered to be an auspicious colour, brides frequently wear a red dress for their wedding, while red envelopes full of money are presented on special occasions and on holidays.

In India, the colour red is linked to spirituality, sensuality and purity and in Egypt, it’s said to be a lucky charm. In China, the colour red is well respected and is said, of all the colours of the rainbow, to be the luckiest. The legend behind this is surrounding Nian, a mythical monster which would eat villagers, crops and livestock on the first day of the New Year. People tried to satisfy the monster by leaving food outside their door until they spotted the monster was afraid of a small child who was dressed in red. Today, red scrolls and lanterns are hung from doors and windows in China to keep the residents of the house safe from Nian!

Yellow For Warmth And Optimism

In the west, yellow is a colour associated with warmth, optimism, cheer and happiness as well as hope and joy. This is also true in Egypt, where it conveys good fortune and happiness. In Thailand, yellow is seen as a very lucky colour as it’s the “royal colour”. People wear yellow on Mondays as it was the day on which their king was born and during the first week in December, many people choose to wear yellow to commemorate the king’s birthday on the 5th of the month.

Orange – A Sacred Hue

In the west, orange is a positive colour which represents warmth, harvest and autumn. However, in Hindu cultures, the soft orange shade known as saffron is seen as sacred and auspicious. It symbolises the god of divine knowledge and fire, Agni, who is also a witness at a Hindu wedding, hence the reason why orange shades are so heavily featured in Hindu celebrations. In Holland, orange is a regal colour while in Colombia it represents fertility. In the Far East, orange is a symbol of happiness, good health and love.

Purple – A Royal Colour

Purple is a colour that has long been associated with nobility, wealth, spirituality and royalty all over the world. Historically, only the Buddhist monks with the highest rank in Japan were permitted to wear purple robes while in England, it was considered to be a colour only fit for a king. In the Catholic faith, purple is linked to faith and piety and even today, it’s a colour that represents honour. In the USA, the Purple Heart is a military award.

White For Purity

In the west, there is one colour that’s synonymous with peace, elegance, cleanliness and purity, and that’s white. Brides usually wear a white dress for their wedding day, and this has been a tradition for over a hundred years. In Peru, the colour white is also associated with good health and angels.

Black For Sophistication

Is there anything quite as sophisticated as a black tie event? In lots of cultures, black may have negative connotations of bad luck and death, but in the Middle East it represents rebirth while in Africa, it symbolises masculinity and maturity.

Luck Around The World Through Colour

Now you know the colours around the world that represent good fortune and happiness, you can make an informed decision the next time you decide to wear an outfit for a special occasion! With so much variety to pick from, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in choosing one that matches your taste but which will also bring you the extra luck that you’re seeking in your life!