All You Need To Know About Types Of Collars For A Perfect Look


If a guy is measured by what kind of shoes he wears, well, a woman is defined by everything that she wears. By everything we say, when it comes to introducing herself in a social gathering or formal room, all she wears falls into the spotlight. Below we are going to discuss the types of collars that you might be unaware of.

A collar is the part of a jacket, dress, coat, or blouse which fastens or frames the neck around. It is the personal style movement most important to an individual. Collars give your clothes a different look and an overall appearance. A collar may be permanently attached (e.g., by stitching) or detachable to the main body of the garment. The fashion trend of the season decides about the design, style, and shapes of the collar. Collars may have rounded or squared corners, or edges modified. Collars may be in one piece or cut in two parts, or as a portion of the variety of garment pieces. Collars come in various types and sizes, from basic collars like a stand collar to more complicated collars like a shirt.

A representation of one’s inner self, every aspect of a woman’s outfit, should be dressed impeccably. And thinking about specifics, how can we miss talking about her shirt’s collar designs, which should be preferably heat-friendly, appropriate date, and also accepted by the agency. So, get ready, sit up straight, take your notepad out and indulge in our master-class fashion where we will explain the different types of collars you should be aware of today:

Straight Collars | Types of Collars

The straight collar is popularly called the simple shirt collar and is the most formal style of the collar. It is worn primarily for official purposes. These types of collars are typically made from cotton and usually are a part of the formal office wear. It can be worn along with blazers quite well. Straight chambray collars look good on casual t-shirts too.

Peter Pan Collars | Types of Collars

This type of collars is famous for its semi-formal look. Typically, they are seen sitting atop the button-down blouses. This kind of collar is back in fashion. And, it makes for an enticing combination when clubbing the collar with some lace or some sort of bling. Peter Pan’s modern collar dresses make you like a modern princess. Choose a dress or blouse with a Peter Pan collar, if you want to look like a real princess. Typically, such round-edged collars are seen with button-down blouses. Peter Pan collar offers a semi-formal look to the clothing, and although they may be the same color as the rest of the blouse or top, they are often made in a contrasting color to make the dress or shirt more visible and breathtaking.

Detachable Collars

The detachable collars are mostly available in vivid colors to enhance your overall look. They are known for their round neck or V-neck charm. Some might even have you attached them to a shirt with studs. The great thing about detachable collars is that they come in hundreds of designs, colors, styles, and even sizes. They can be black or white, striped or strong, silk or lace, old-fashioned or new, elegant or simple. Merely adding a detachable collar to it can change the entire appearance of a blouse or dress, so it’s a good idea to have more than one of those collars in your wardrobe.

Band Collars

A band collar is a band that takes the place of the neck, ensuring there is no collar on those shirts at all. It consists of a flat band of cloth that snugly fits around the neck. If you are love experimenting and taking risks with your style, you’ll find the band collars look great. Band collar shirts are more relaxed and comfortable than other styles of collars; however, they may still be worn to the workplace by many people.

Button-down Collars

The history of the button-down collar suggests that it was a very functional innovation because it was invented by Polo players who wanted to prevent their collars from flapping on their faces when taking part in their sport. Every man likes the button-down collar, and you can already guess what makes it unique among men’s shirts, its buttons. The button-down shirt is great for you if you like the preppy look, and you want to have a formal appearance even when you are not wearing a tie.

Club Collar | Types of Collars

Also known as the Eaton collar because it was developed at Eton College, the club collar is simply a standard point collar with rounded edges, so they have no “sharp” edges to it. These rounded ends are what distinguishes them from other shirts, and although they may be either casual or dressy, they are also a lot of fun to wear and often present an attitude of devil-may-care. Although in every situation they don’t look good, club collar shirts look best for cocktail parties, other semi-formal events, and even a night out in the town. If you like a stylish and comfortable shirt, then it’s the club collar shirt.

Cutaway Collar

Sometimes it is also called a Windsor collar because it was initially developed to fit Windsor tie knots, it is made from cutaway collars at an angle that “cuts away” from your face. It was designed as a response to the traditional trends seen in the 1920s and is intended to be much more brazen and contemporary than those shirt forms were. It is more spread-out than most other conventional collars because of the “V” design in the top and middle of the neck. They do an excellent job of highlighting your face and neck, and most of all, they are ideal for practically every event, whether personal and business-related, casual, and formal. The cutaway collar can look good on you if you have a slimmer or elongated neck and an angular profile.

Forward Point Collar | Types of Collars

It is when it comes to the normal, traditional-looking dress shirt collar, forward point collar, or point collar, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an elegant form of a collar. With this tie, there is only a short distance between the points of the collar, and in reality, they can generally be seen above the jacket lapels. If you prefer traditional and conservative wear, but you also have a deep appreciation for the classics, this is your kind of collar. Shirts with point collars should be found in every man’s closet that wears dress shirts to work because they complement every suit and every style. Whether you are putting a lot of time into your dress style or only wearing dress shirts because the boss makes you do that, every man’s forward point collar dress shirt looks good and lets you cultivate your style and attitude.

Pin Collar

The collar points in the pin collar are fastened together. They are done so with some type of pin or bar. It looks like a small version of a hatpin. Imagine a tab collar with its extended fabric that holds buttons under the tie, then replace the tab with a small bar, and you get the shirt of the pin collar.

Not only does the pin do an excellent job of holding the knot in place, but it also raises the tie knot itself, making it a very formal appearance. Such pins have also made shirt makers very innovative, and they can be as unique or as regular as you like. The pin collar may be just what you need to complete your outfit if you want a fitted and a classic look.

That does not, of course, mean this shirt with pin collars are appropriate for every event. The shirts are dressy-looking, and they work best for formal or semi-formal occasions. If you replace the bar with a collar pin, the shirt becomes a bit less formal, which also means you will have plenty more places to wear. Overall, the pin collar shirt creates some ambiance and a look that tells people you know exactly what you are doing.

Spread Collar | Knowing The Types Of Collars

When it comes to dressing, shirts with open collars are in the center, so they’re neither too dressy nor too formal. Such collars are symmetrical and sleek in design, and the dots stop and vanish where they reach the shirt. The shirts are perfect for corporate-working people who want to stick out a little, but not too much, as well as men who love the new models and trends but are more traditional than too brazen.

Indeed, when it comes to the spread collar shirt, there’s no wrong place to wear it, because it looks good whether you’re attending an important business meeting or soccer games for your kids. It also looks excellent regardless of the dress code of your company, since it complements any mood or style you wish to convey.

Tab Collar | Types Of Collar

Once collars became removed and not firmly fixed to the jacket, the tab collars began again. These days, it’s hard to find this type of collars, and, if you choose this type of collar, it’s best to get your shirt custom-made, so it fits just fine.

The tab collar has a tab that fastens from under the tie knot with a button found. It’s a fashionable and stylish look, and it just looks like a regular forward dot collar shirt from far away. On the conservative side, if you’re a tad but still rely on stylish ties, then the tab collar is for you.

Bertha Collar

The Bertha collar is an object from the Victorian era typically made of lace. It is found mostly on blouses that are flat and round and have a low V-neck cut. Some of them are detachable and can be put on gowns, blouses, and even the more formal available T-shirts. In reality, Bertha collars are often used in retro dresses from the 1800s and even in specific wedding dresses, and they are made of lace almost always, although other lightweight fabrics can also be used.

Often used on both informal and formal garments, the Bertha collar still offers a more refined and structured feel whatever it is connected. These are very glamorous collars that originated in the Victorian era, but since they are so common, they have been revived in the 1940s and have since been a staple of women’s fashion.

Flat Collar

This type of collar falls flat on the item to which it is attached, just as the name suggests, and offers a basic, standard look, which is often very plain. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t many good reasons to choose this type of collar because you can add uniqueness to it in several ways, including adding jewelry, accessories, or even some kind of statement neckpiece. Flat collars are ideal as they suit everything you wear, and simply add any jewels or other things to the blouse itself can make it more relaxed or formal. Imagine adding rhinestones to a flat collar or even studs to make sure it complements the rest of your wardrobe.

Jabot Collar | Types of Collars You Won’t Know About!

If you love collars that look like women once wore decades or even centuries ago, then for you is the Jabot collar. Consisting usually of lace or other frilly fabric, it begins at the neckline and goes down for several inches, creating a sophisticated and very feminine look. Many made today are detachable and are usually attached to V-neck or round-neck clothing. If you’ve ever seen a film featuring British lawyers or even pirates, you’ve seen this kind of jacket, because it’s frilly, typically white, the look is often seen above pirates ‘ shirts or attorneys ‘ shirts in Great Britain. If included in the women’s clothing, they are often seen with some sort of brooch.

Mandarin Collar

In essence, a mandarin collar is not a collar at all. They are also known as a band collar and consist of a band that wraps around the neckline, giving it a more casual yet attractive look. It’s barely noticeable in some cases, but when part of a silk blouse or any other form of dressy clothing item, it can lend your wardrobe a little oomph. They can be attached to pullover or button-down shirts and blouses, as well as casual and semi-formal dresses, and all you have to do is add some pearls or the right brooch to make them even more dresser. Band, or mandarin collars, don’t necessarily match a look that’s too casual or basic because it’s easy to change the look.

Hope this article has helped you go through the different types of collars. We are sure there must be a few in this list that you never heard of.