Trending fitness apparel and sneakers for teenagers- July Specials

Staying fit has become a necessity for all of us, including teenagers. Given the amount of stress teengers go through it’s quite important for them to emphasize on their fitness regime. However, before one indulges in a fitness session, appropriate clothes are necessary. On using Nike coupons, one can grab fitness apparel for absolutely low prices. Currently, there is a maximum discount of 50% across all categories on using Nike coupons. One can avail of massive discounts on shoes, activewear, undergarments, and more.

We have put together an intriguing list of trending fitness apparel and sneakers for teenagers.

  • Printed leggings/ mid-rise leggings

Leggings are already one of the most needed apparels for women when it comes to training in the gym. Leggings not only support your muscles but enhance the blood circulation during those rigorous gym sessions. You can buy the leggings at a 20% discount on Nike with a starting price of Rs.1495.

Other brands that provide fitness leggings are Adidas and Reebok with a discount of 15% on women’s leggings.

  • Multi-colored tank-tops for girls

You must have come across several influencers wearing tank tops during their exercise routines. Not just that, you can also check out stylish graphic tank tops with printed cartoon characters or brand logos.

Amazon has several tank tops available for as low as Rs.250 from brands like Jockey, Enamor, etc. Customers can also shop through popular brands like Reebok, Nike, and more.

  • Sport Bras

Playing a sport or working out in a gym are not possible unless you have comfortable apparel along with wearing well-fitted undergarments. Sport bras not just keep you dry but also prevents chafing.

Currently, there is a 50% discount on Sports bras and training bras on Adidas with a starting price of Rs. 1249.

  • Bright-colored hoodies

There is a separate category known as fitness or workout hoodies. You can always choose hoodies that can help you in working out during the winters when you don’t even feel like getting out of your bed.

Puma’s active knitted wear hoodies are available for a discount of 40% only on their official website.

  • Printed jackets

People who are interested in morning workout sessions will definitely find their way to printed jackets. Teenagers love wearing graphic apparel and when it is combined with fitness, it becomes even more attractive.

Half-zip and full-zip jackets are available for as low as Rs.2000 under a maximum discount of 50% on the MRP.

  • Micro Mesh tank top for boys

Tank tops are also available for teenage boys going for workouts or even while playing a sport. These micro mesh tank tops allow the consumer to perspire in the right amount so that the body remains cool but isn’t dehydrated simultaneously.

They are available for as low as Rs.250 from the Uniqlo brand on Amazon and Flipkart. It should be noted that the quality is not comparable to Jockey fitness but the price is definitely within the budget of teenagers who are looking for a comfortable item.

  • Drawstring shorts for boys

Cardio exercises and lifting workouts require the body to be at utmost comfort and that’s exactly when a pair of drawstring shorts will find its best use. Drawstring shorts are undoubtedly more comfortable and

Customers can buy a pair of drawstring shorts worth Rs.500 from Reebok’s official website for an astounding 20% discount.

  • Unisex short sleeve t-shirts

On some days, you might feel the need to go with the flow. In those days, we suggest you wear a short sleeve loose t-shirt. They would always keep your body cool and allow ample space for perspiration. Moreover, the comfort of a loose t-shirt will be unmatched during rigorous lift exercises.

We suggest you go for a Nike activewear t-shirt available for Rs.500 only under a 40% discount on t-shirts at this moment on their official website.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are not actually the perfect footwear for heavy exercises but one can always use them during cardio. You can easily go for Converse’s sneakers available at a starting price of Rs.1500. These pairs of sneakers are going to last longer than your fitness membership and you can clean them off easily with a single wash.

  • Running shoes

This is one of the primary requirements before you start off with your gym routine. Running shoes have specific grooves and grip lines so that the consumer doesn’t slip or trip over frictionless treads. When it comes to shoes, the players are known to all.

However, Adidas Adivat M is one of our favorite running shoes that is available for Rs.1059 on Ajio.com. You can also check out Reebok’s line of running shoes that is available currently at a discount of 30%.

  • Track shoes

Track shoes are similar to running shoes in their functionality. However, they are often slippery during wet conditions and should be used indoors majorly, or outdoors only if you are confident about the pouring.

In our opinion, you must go for Sketchers track shoes available on Flipkart at a 15% discount at this moment.

  • Cross trainers

If you’re going to the gym this semester, you’ll need a pair of durable cross-trainers. Look for a pair of shoes that have a bigger heel (for shock absorption), padding in the front, and flexibility in the center of your foot. You’ll also want adequate arch support.

Shoppers can definitely go for Nike cross-trainers available for a starting price of Rs.1700 on Nike’s official website.


Starting with your fitness regime? We have put together a list of popular fitness apparel and sneakers for teenagers. You can enable coupons and discount codes across popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, and more. One can also check out the coupon affiliating websites for more details. We will be back with another blog next time!