Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India You Can Get Inspired From

In today’s trends, you can stand out totally if you have two things. One is confidence and fashion sense. Eventually, one’s personality is always judged upon by how the person is dressed up and how he carries his personality. So, if you are either very much interested in the lifestyle and fashion blogging and want to make something out of it. Or you want to change your fashion statement and stand out. You should definitely check the list of the top 10 Fashion Bloggers in India you can get inspired from.

Everyone wants to look trendy and stylish and up to date with fashion but isn’t an easy task. You obviously need tips and guidance which few people with good fashion sense can give you but where to find these people?

Here we have prepared a list of India’s Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in India 2019 to look up to for you to lead a quintessential lifestyle.

1. Ankita Chaturvedi- Corallista

Ankita Chaturvedi is a full-time fashion Blogger and is currently living in Mumbai with her two dogs. Ankita started her blog in 2011. Though she is now more active on her Youtube and Instagram channels. Ankita has spent 1.5 years in Japan as well.

She did complete her engineering in 2012 but she naturally had a bend towards Fashion and she loved to share her beauty and fashion routine so she started her blog in 2011. After one year she completely devoted herself to fashion blogging.

Corallista is one of the oldest Indian Fashion blogs one can rely upto for best fashion tips, skincare routines, celebrity fashion and also some of Ankita’s personal experiences.

  1. Website-
  2. Alexa Rank- 444,589
  3. Instagram- 230k followers
  4. Youtube- 600k+ subscribers

2. Gia Kashyap- Giasaysthat

Gia Kashyap is the founder of Giasaysthat and she worked as a graphic designer at the age of 15. Then at 18, she started her own T-shirt business. At the age of 21, she got an opportunity to write as a fashion columnist for quite an influential and well-known publication in the industry. Since then, Gia has not looked back. She says she lives in the moment.

Not only lifestyle, but she also writes about career, travel, money, events, reviews, and many other things. Other than fashion, she is a doodler and loves creating illustrations. She also likes to play table tennis, PC games, and many more things.

Giasaysthat has collaborated with many bigger brands such as UCB, Shopper’s Stop, Lakme, BIBA and many more. It is one of the most influential blogs now.

  1. Website:
  2. Alexa Rank: 629,367
  3. Instagram: 140k followers

3. Kritika Khurana- That boho girl

Kritika Khurana is not just famous for its fashion blogs, but also because she has a degree and level of a fashion statement. Kritika has a huge bend towards the Bohemian Lifestyle and fashion. She also is the owner of an e-commerce store named “The Hype”. One of the leading Fashion Bloggers in India.

She is a very fashionable and popular diva on social media.

  1. Website:
  2. Alexa Rank: 637,061
  3. Instagram: 654k followers
  4. Youtube: 180k subscribers

4. Aashna Shroff- The Snob Journal

Aashna Shroff is a Mumbai based fashion blogger who is running a blog named The Snob Journal. She is very active on her social media and has huge followers and subscribers. She even visited Paris for Lux perfume band. She also has an online store called The Snob Shop for elegant fashion outfit collections. Aashna writes for travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, daily routines and many more.

  1. Website:
  2. Alexa Rank: 534,093
  3. Instagram: 672k followers

5. Akanksha Redhu- Akanksharedhu

Akanksha Redhu started this fashion blog in 2010. Akanksha Redhu is the best fashion blog that helps you make a statement about fashion and lifestyle. She is based in Delhi and apart from fashion trends, she also shares about her travel experiences.

She covers about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, skincare, travel, etc. Akanksha also has a section on her blog where readers can buy fashion accessories of her own brand named CIRARE.

Akanksha also has collaborated with many reputed brands such as Michael Kors, SONY Mobile, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Fiama Di Wills, Burberry, Vero Moda, Hermes, MAC Cosmetics, Carat Lane, Gap, Le Meridien, Honda, Chanel, H&M, and many more.

  1. Website:
  2. Alexa Rank: 202,331
  3. Instagram: 200k followers.

6. Purushu Arie- Purushu

Purushu Arie is a Chennai based Fashion Blogger having a degree in fashion designing from NIFT, Delhi. Apart from just being a Fashion Blogger, he is a fashion designer and stylist too. He also writes the fashion column in quite a big publication, The Hindu.

His fashion sense is marvelous and that how we can explain he is an award-winning fashion blogger from Delhi. He created his own blog in 2009.

Not only that, but he also has been nominated for ‘top 5 Indian fashion blogs’ in and ‘Most influential blog in Delhi’ by The Hindustan Times. Breaking the hierarchy of female fashion bloggers in India, Purushu is the first one to own a gender-neutral fashion eCommerce blog.

  1. Website-
  2. Alexa Rank- 478,996

7. Jai Gidwani

Jai Gidwani is an award-winning Spain based model and fashion blogger. He keeps himself busy in exploring new destinations and enjoys dressing himself up according to the occasions and places.

Jai’s Instagram account is loaded with unique fashion and cool outfit ideas that can inspire anybody. He is a guide to men’s style, fashion, and lifestyle influencer as he describes himself in his Facebook about page.

  1. Instagram: 39.1k followers
  2. Facebook: 6k+ followers

8. Pallavi Ruhail- That Delhi Girl

By degree, Pallavi Ruhail is a doctor, an ex-epidemiologist, she worked in public and pharma sector for three years and then decided to take blogging as a full-time carrier.

Pallavi started blogging in 2013, to share her love for food, style, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and whatnot. Basically the blogs are written by her and the pictures are clicked by her husband.

Being a personalized blog, the popularity it has earned is commendable. Pallavi also has a huge following on social media. In no time this hobby of her has made her enter the league of successful influencers.

  1. Website:
  2. Alexa Rank: 1.090,155
  3. Instagram: 281k followers
  4. Facebook: 45k+ followers

9. Devina Malhotra- Guilty Bytes

This Punjabi kudi called Devina Malhotra is behind all the hard work of the guilty bytes blog. It is one of the leading Indian fashion blogs. Devina is very hardworking and you can find daily Bollywood as well as fashion tips on her blog.

She started this blog in 2012 and she provides information on multiple topics such as fashion, makeup, decor, food, relationship, celebrity and many more. She had the experience of being a social media strategist and digital marketer. She also had collaborations with many brands and helped them to extend their reach on multiple platforms as she has huge social media following.

  1. Website:
  2. Alexa Rank: 916,902
  3. Instagram: 116k Followers
  4. Facebook: 80k followers

10. Masoom Minavala- Miss Style Fiesta

She is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in our country. Masoom started Miss Style Fiesta’s blog in 2010. Style Fiesta is a fashion blog and eCommerce store. As vividly she talks about her fashion sense and trends, she also blogs about her pictures with famous magazines like cosmopolitan and vogue. She has collaborated with many brands such as Wrist wood, Zardosi, and LIVA.

  1. Website:
  2. Alexa Rank: 2,432,133
  3. Instagram: 234k followers

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