The Wedding Industry Is Booming in the Era of the New Normal

The Wedding Industry Is Booming in the Era of the New Normal

After almost two years of struggling to keep its head above water, the wedding industry is back in full force, with the 2022 Wedding Industry Forecast showing that the number of weddings taking place in 2022 will surpass pre-pandemic numbers. Specifically, around 2.5 million couples will be saying “I do” in 2022, compared to 2.1 million in 2018 and 2019. Many wedding venues, planners, caterers, decorators, florists, and photographers are also fully booked for the rest of the year and part of 2023, indicating that the industry is still struggling to keep up with the high demand. The numbers make sense considering the fact that in 2020, some 70% of all weddings were postponed to a later date. 

Celebrating Togetherness

One of the main reasons why so many weddings were saved to a later date, were travel restrictions and the inability to invite a wide circle of family and friends to a couple’s big day. As reported by CN Traveler, in 2022, destinations weddings are back and they are bigger than ever. Experts are seeing a swing towards bigger and longer-lasting weddings. To boost safety, couples are opting for outdoor destinations in seaside, garden, and mountainside settings. Some are adding extra safety elements into the picture, including vaccine requirements and rapid testing upon arrival. Those that are opting to celebrate their wedding abroad are finding ways to spend more time with family and friends. Those with higher budgets are renting out spacious luxury villas or booking resort time for close family and friends.

The Burgeoning Wedding Jewelry Industry

Owing to the large number of weddings, the wedding jewelry industry is also on a high and many buyers are looking to make more expensive purchases than they were five years ago. Online sales are booming, with jewelery brands rising to the challenge of digitization and offering clients features such as virtual ring try-ons and virtual and panoramic shop visits. When it comes to wedding ring styles, customization and personal style are holding sway. Many brides and grooms are ditching traditional styles in favor of styles like twisted and infinity wedding bands, eternity engagement rings, and alternative gems to diamonds. Pearls, colored sapphires, and tanzanites are just a few gemstones holding sway. Wedding bands, meanwhile, now come in a host of colors and textures. Couples can additionally choose from a wide range of materials, including gray tungsten, rose gold, and white or black tungsten carbide.

Total Spends are Similar to Pre-Pandemic Times

Despite impending inflation, couples are spending similar amounts to those spent by brides and grooms in pre-pandemic times. Currently, the average wedding spend amounts to over $24,000. Top trends dominating receptions include sustainability, the celebration of more outdoor weddings, and ensuring that guests have a pampering experience. As mentioned above, some couples are choosing to offer guests a party lasting a weekend or longer, so that values like togetherness and friendship can also be commemorated.

It’s an exciting time for the wedding industry. Wedding providers are fully booked in 2022 and part of 2023, so if you plan on getting married soon, act quickly! Just a few trends dominating the scene include destination weddings, bespoke jewelry, and outdoor celebrations that guarantee guests safety and proximity to nature.