The Nomos Metro Neomatik 41 Gets a Patented Date Indication


For the first time, Nomos Glashütte has extended its patented date indication to a new model under its Metro collection. This mechanism was first seen on the brand’s Tangente models—the Tangente 41 Update with a silver-plated dial in 2018 and the Tangente 41 Update with a ruthenium dial in 2019.

The resulting watch looks classic and elegant with its slim silhouette and the brand’s signature Bauhaus-inspired design. It is characterized by its lack of excessive detail, clean fonts, stripped-down features, and traditional look yet with a modern attitude.

Continue reading as we look closer into the new Nomos Glashütte Metro Neomatik 41 Update, now outfitted with a date indication. We also listed down our top Nomos Metro picks that are available in the market today.

LOOK: The New Metro Neomatik 41 Update

In 2018, Nomos introduced a new in-house caliber, an updated version of the Neomatik movement: the Calibre 6101. It was an ultra-slim movement that features a special date mechanism you can set both forward and backward. It was first launched into the Tangente. But, just this April, the Glashütte-based brand announced a new version of its classic Metro, now featuring the 6101 caliber movement.

The Metro Update features a white silver-plated dial protected by a domed sapphire crystal and a 40.5mm stainless steel case with a polished finish. It is further characterized by its almost-no-bezel look, wire lugs, and a crown with fine diamond knurling.

The dial has dots for the hour and minute markers, complete with oxidized black hour and minute hands and a small second sub-dial display at 6 o’clock. However, the key highlight of the model is arguably the date indication that uses neon orange markings to frame the current date.

The Metro Update is just 9.1mm thick—owing to the ultra-thin movement, which alone measures just 3.6mm thick. It is presented in a dark gray, waterproof textile strap, and the overall construction guarantees up to 50m water resistance. This is not something worth mentioning, but for the sake of Nomos watch fans, it is a reminder that what they have on their wrist is not meant for diving.

Nomos Metro: A Model With a Modern History

First introduced at Baselworld in 2014, the Metro is a result of the collaboration between Nomos and Berlin-based industrial designer, Mark Braun.

Over the years, the Metro has received several updates with its dial getting larger and larger through time. But, while it’s the case, the design principles of the inaugural Metro continue to serve as the blueprint for the succeeding models: a power reserve indicator, generous date display, domed sapphire crystal glass, wire lugs, diamond knurling, and slender movement. All these features give the Metro its modern profile without fully departing from the Nomos heritage. Today, the Metro is available in four dial colors: white silver-plated, midnight blue, champagne, and urban gray.

5 Best Nomos Metro Watches You Should Buy Today

Metro Neomatik 39 Midnight Blue Automatic Ref. 1115

A watch with a midnight blue dial makes for a great accessory you can wear in the office and afterward. With a 38.5mm stainless steel case, this Metro watch looks elegant with its silver indexes, silver-tone hands, and a seconds sub-dial display at 6 o’clock. It is powered by the DUW 3001 automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve.

Metro 38 Men’s Watch 38.5mm Leather Ref. 1109

The Metro has this distinct 1960 retro look that looks appropriate even in this modern times. This particular reference looks just that with its white silver dial, minimalist dot indexes, and oxidized black hands encased in a 38.5mm diameter stainless steel. It features a manual-winding movement with 30m water resistance and is presented in an elegant leather strap.

Metro 38 Date Urban Gray Manual-Winding 38.5mm Ref. 1103

Black dials are ubiquitous. They are subtle and go well with anything. White dials are great too. They complement anything, though they tend to pop out occasionally. It’s the same deal with gray dials and they seem to work with any outfit imaginable. With this reference, the exceptional color of the dial is achieved using a galvanized, ruthenium-plated material. It is sandwiched between a 38.5mm stainless steel case and domed sapphire crystal glass and presented in leather straps. At work here is the Calibre DUW 4101 manual-winding movement with 43 hours of power reserve.

Metro Neomatik Champagne Automatic 35mm Ref. 1107

You can’t find too many champagne dials in the market and perhaps it’s because this color, like the alcoholic beverage, is an acquired taste. Whatever the case is, this Neomatik Champagne looks elegant on the wrist, sporting dot indexes and rhodium-plated hands in a 35mm stainless steel case. It has a transparent sapphire caseback that displays the movement inside—the Calibre DUW 3001 automatic with 43 hours of power reserve. The reference is presented in a beige leather strap and boasts 30m of water resistance.

Metro 33 Rose Gold Manual-Winding Ref. 1170

The classic pairing of a white dial and rose gold case on watches never goes out of fashion. It looks understated yet elegant that you can wear it on almost any occasion without looking out of place. This Metro 33 model is exactly just that with its silver-tone dial, 33mm rose gold case, and brown leather straps. It has a manual-winding movement with 43 hours of power reserve and promises a 30m water resistance.


With the Nomos Metro watch, we can talk about more than just an updated model. This collection has always been targeted towards the younger consumers who are after modern-looking watches at relatively affordable prices.

With the new date indication on the Metro, the brand further proves its commitment to deliver the same exceptional design but with improved performance and functionality. Each watch it produces is consistent with the tradition of Glashütte watchmaking and the reputation it’s known for high-quality manufacturing, classic aesthetics, accuracy, and precision.

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