The Meaning Of Diamonds

Meaning Of Diamonds


Diamonds are not just pressurized carbon, they are also a woman’s best friend and a man’s best wingman. Nothing says reliable than the world’s hardest material. As a result, diamonds are sought after across the globe, especially for marriages. What better to represent an endless bond between two special people than the most everlasting material in the world? For those of you reading this who are planning to propose, you almost definitely bought a diamond ring. Those who haven’t may want to get their diamond ring from jewellery singapore. However, do you know what the real reason is for diamond rings to be so entrenched into the idea of marriage? It has to do with what diamonds symbolize.

How did diamonds get their symbolic meaning?

Before diamonds became known as they are today, they were discovered earliest by Ancient Greeks, who bestowed the name “Adamas” to them. This meant “unconquerable”. Not only that but within Greek mythology, there is a prominent use of diamonds by those in power. Diamonds are often incorporated in weapons wielded or adorned by Greek gods. Diamonds were also adapted by Roman poets who touted diamonds as the ultimate material that could pass through Hades’ gates unharmed and untouched. From here, we can see that diamonds had a common symbol for people even in the past. Diamonds were a symbol of unparalleled strength and imperviousness.

How did diamonds become associated with marriage?

Because of the symbolic meaning behind diamonds, people tended to associate diamonds with ideas of eternal health, eternal romance, eternal peace, and more. That is to say, diamonds were associated with unbending endurance through the passage of time. Then, the earliest documented occurrence of someone using diamonds as a kind of proposal goes as far back as the Renaissance. Not only did diamonds have the idea of eternity, but they were also expensive and rare making them all the more desirable, hence their use in engagement. Hence, like its long-lasting quality, the idea of using diamond rings as engagement rings stuck around with people and persisted through time till today where they are still widely used across cultures and traditions. Their popularity mostly stems from the fact that they are now used to represent an unbreakable bond between a couple that will last just as long through time. This was how diamonds have earned their mostly permanent position in our lives.

Now that we know how diamonds earn their place as the go-to material for wedding rings, let us talk about the different meanings of different diamond colors. In case you were unaware, diamonds can have many different colors and each can have their own unique meaning.

Meaning Of Diamond Colors

White Diamonds

Just like the color white, white diamonds symbolize purity. They serve to purify all the negative energy in a person. So, in the case of marriages, they act to purify and cleanse negative energies shared between the couple, signifying a desire for the couple to always be peaceful together.

Red Diamonds

Most of us are probably very familiar with just what the red color represents given the pervasive use of the color in flags, uniforms, and more. Similarly, red diamonds represent courage, power, and passion. In a marriage, it simply signifies the desire for a relationship where a couple can face each other bravely and enjoy a relationship that remains just as stimulating as it was on day one.

Orange Diamonds

When you think of orange, you undeniably think of the sun and to put it into quality-like terms. The sun is likely to seem energetic and constantly burns with a quirky enthusiasm. That is what orange diamonds represent. So, orange diamonds normally indicate the desire for a high-energy relationship where every single day feels like a new adventure.

Yellow Diamonds

When we were children, whenever we were happy, what was one color that we always used to express that emotion? Yellow. Thus, yellow diamonds are also an indicator of happiness, friendship, and hope. So, in a relationship, there is a wish for it to be one that is comfortable like friends are and one that is full of child-like happiness.

Pink Diamonds

Pink, as we all know, is the color of love and we see it a lot on a particular day, Valentines’ Day to be exact. As such, pink diamonds normally represent love in its most tender and fluffy form. As such, this denotes the desire for the marriage to be as sickeningly sweet as it was on the first date, full of innocence and nothing but soft love.

Blue Diamonds

The color blue, like purple, has its traditional roots in royalty. Today, they are used to symbolize spirituality and a sort of nirvana-like peace that accompanies it. As such, in a marriage, there are hopes for a relationship that is internally peaceful and a deeper set of understanding between the two parties.

Brown Diamonds

Brown, the color of nature, is commonly known to adorn trees, and trees are also known for their sturdiness. Hence, brown diamonds also carry the meaning of stability and humility. So, in a relationship, it would be one where both are joined at the roots and the marriage remains stable, yet simple, sort of like living out in the woods where beauty is found in simplicity.

Black Diamonds

When we think of black, we can think of a range of activities. It can be classy things like black-tie events, proms, and it can even move to the more mellow kind of events like funerals. So, black is typically a monochrome color that serves as a balance to emotions. So, black diamonds can have more somber implications for a relationship, either a search for reconciliation or it could be a promise of never-changing.


In conclusion, diamonds are still the best material to look at for jewelry or dowries for marriage. This is because of the rich history that backs their profound symbolism. Though we have a wide range of gemstone choices for engagement rings today, a diamond will always be a classic and elegant choice.