The Joy to Be Found in Sweatshirts


Whether you call it a hoodie or a sweatshirt, there’s no denying these soft, warm, long-sleeved shirts have a distinct spot in most women’s wardrobes all over the world. But long gone are the days of your husband’s old football team sweatshirts being your only choice. Oh no! Instead, today’s shoppers have a large array of styles from which to choose in every color and design.

Gift Loved by Everyone

For shoppers looking for a sweatshirt to give as a gift, you can’t go wrong. Plus, with so many styles from which to select, buyers can personalize the gift by picking a sweatshirt out that looks like the style the receiver would want. Maybe they love tie-dye? Buy a swirled sweatshirt in their favorite color combination. Maybe the recipient on the guest list likes Christmas more than the average person. In this case, Christmas season sweatshirts are a must. With Christmas lasting from mid-November through New Years, they’re sure to get loads of wear out of the gift. Another great idea to celebrate your child’s acceptance into college is to purchase them a sweatshirt from the college bookstore. Most are online and can be easily ordered and shipped out for gift-giving purposes.

Sports Fanatics

Most people bikers and skateboarders were the forerunners of sweatshirt fashion, but the truth of the matter is that Champion created the first sweatshirt back in the 1930s. The hoodie was later added to the shirt to protect athletes and workers from the elements. Today, men and women alike love to showcase their love for a favorite team in the form of sweatshirts and hoodies. And, why not? Fall, outdoor sports are notoriously chilly and a sweatshirt can often eliminate the need to wear a coat, too. This makes standing up and cheering on that first down or hockey goal ever so much easier while supporting your team at the same time.

Political Statements

An increasing number of young people are turning to their clothes as a way to express their political statements. Regardless of the political leanings, a sweatshirt can be found to support the cause. This makes for a great gift item for teens, college students, and other politically active individuals. Don’t worry that you’re gifting an item sure to go out of style after the election. In fact, it’s almost fun for people to wear retro political sweatshirts showing their support for candidates or propositions long past.

Business Money Maker

Sweatshirts can be bought in a large number of places, promoting businesses of all kinds. What a great reminder of a snow trip to Aspen or even a trip to the zoo, not to mention four years (or more) at the college of your choice. Businesses increase their profit margins by selling sweatshirts that promote their restaurant or entertainment venue. What an excellent souvenir to bring home and later give as a gift on a birthday or holiday.

To Sleeve or not to Sleeve

That is the question. Today’s sweatshirts and hoodies come in regular long sleeves as mentioned before, but can also be purchased with the same fleece inside but short or no sleeves at all. As a matter of fact, many athletes find sleeveless sweatshirts excellent for doing arm exercises at the gym, allowing them the freedom to flex the muscles, but still stay warm on the back. Whatever look you prefer can be had in the form of a hoodie. Back in the 80s, many youths would wear the sweatshirt inside out and cut the sleeves off themselves to create a fringe or flare. That’s just one more way sweatshirts have evolved and devolved. Perhaps you’re tired of an old sweatshirt and wish to give it new life. Individuals can now learn how to “properly” cut down their shirts for a stylish new look.

Heavy Weight or Light Weight

All sweatshirts are not created equally, especially when it comes to the weight of the shirt. It’s not that one is better or worse than the other, the marketplace has room for all weights. Buyers can purchase thick, camo-designed, fleece cotton sweatshirts that would hold out well in low temperature in the deer stand. On the other hand, there are thin sweatshirts Miami residents can enjoy during their “cold” season. Thin sweatshirts are also great for individuals to wear indoors where the temperature is regulated.

Not Casual Wear Anymore

Well, maybe some are certainly casual items for the wardrobe, today’s elegant shopper can also purchase sweatshirts to wear at any number of non-casual events. The styles and embellishments added to sweatshirts transform this athletic gear into something that should go to the dry cleaners instead of the dryer. Celebrities have brought stylish sweatshirts to the notice of the commoners and now everyone can wear a lovely sweatshirt to the highfalutin restaurant of their desires.

A Crafters Fantasy

Sweatshirts in their most basic look are a dream for crafters with a touch of imagination. These geniuses can take a sweatshirt and create a warm cardigan, a spirt shirt for high school students or an elegant alternative look for brides-to-be. There’s no limit on the looks a sweatshirt can take on and what a great gift that comes from the heart. From embroidery to screen printing, DIYers are able to transform this masculine product into an excellent look for slacks or to dress up jeans.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a great birthday gift for a best friend, something to keep your grandma warm when everyone else is already hot, or a gift you give yourself. Sweatshirts can fill the bill. They’re a go-to item for all ages, toddlers on up to senior citizens and they look great on just about everyone. Furthermore, they can be purchased in virtually any size from size 0s up to the upper ranges of plus sizes. Sweatshirts have come a long way from the 1930s, but one thing remains the same. They’re still durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and available in every color under the sun. That makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved.