The Difference between 360 headband wig and brown wig

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As we are living in the age of Fashion, which means we have to adapt ourselves with continuous changing in fashion trends to live up to the market, As fashion trends change, headband wig have rapidly grown. Black women are popularizing new hairstyles to create attractive looks. Why do most celebrities like a wig? A wig is easy to wear and has more functions. There are differences in lace wigs apart from textures, lace fronts, and 360 lace wigs. Before we move forward , Let’s have a look at the distinct differences between the two types of laces wigs.

360 Lace Wig

Once you hear of a lace wig, a 360 brown wig should come to mind—a lace wig is one of the most trending wigs in human hair sales. The wig is designed with a completely transparent lace that wraps over the entire hairline from the front towards the back.

The lace is paired with a wig all around. It makes the lace wig appear with a natural look of the wig hair originating from the scalp. The rest of the lace makes an elastic and unbreakable material that allows adjustments to different head sizes. 

When choosing 360 lace wigs, ensure you get a human hair wig. It is easy to style with adjustable bands on the back, meaning you don’t require adhesive tape or glue to stick. Choose a color that matches your skin tone to get ultimate results. 

Lace Front Wig

Why call it lace front wig?  Its name comes from the positioning of the lace. A lace front wig comes in a small transparent lace that is attached along the front hairline. The lace fronts wigs are known to be flexible and dynamic in various ways. It also turns out in a natural look to no recognition; additionally, the wigs have popularity in the film industry.

The lace front wig is known for its natural blending looks. It conceals any baldness contrary to other lace wigs. It also creates an illusion that the wig hair originates from the scalp. When installing a lace front, you have a few things to keep in mind. A lace front goes from ear to ear, covering the entire front.

The area ratio of a lace front is much less compared to the 360 lace wigs. When choosing your wig, your budget and hairstyle will determine the lace front to pick.  The prices of lace front are lower when compared to that of  360 lace wigs.

Where can you buy a virgin lace wig?

The hair market is flooded with synthetic and natural hairs. It is troublesome for most black women when choosing virgin hair because it is hard for her to find a Synthetic and natural wig as it is quite hard for  someone to distinguish human hair and synthetic hair as technology has rapidly improved in last few years quite dramatically.

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