The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

One of the happiest days in a personís life is probably their wedding day. For women especially. We dream about the perfect wedding dress, shoes, venue and decoration ever since we were little girls. But once you start actually planning everything, you realize itís much more challenging. So, this time, we are going to help you choose the perfect wedding shoes.

Pick your shoes according to the dress

No matter how much trouble you may have finding the perfect shoes, finding the dress is a lot harder, which is why you should finish with that first. Finding the shoes to go with the dress will be easier since you will have an idea about what you want. This is also important because you have to take into consideration the length of the dress and the hem. The height of the heel is also going to depend on the length of the dress because you donít want to trip because it is too long, or have it too short and have your foot out.

Do your research on time?

It is easy to get side-tracked while planning a wedding, but you shouldnít leave shoes for last. The best advice is to start early on in the planning process and make sure you explored enough options. One way you can do that is look for wedding shoes online and get inspired. Instagram or Pinterest are the best options that can give you an idea about what would go great with your dress and present some new, unique ideas. You can even order online if you find something you like. But it is important to do that on time in case something goes wrong. Either way, you should visit stores, try on different types of heels and colors so that you know exactly what it is you want.

Flats or high heels?

Wearing high heels for your wedding is something most women opt for. It makes you look elegant, it elongates your figure and goes perfectly with a wedding dress. In the last couple of years, siren wedding dresses have become very popular, or even the ones with a side cut out. This is why it is important to choose the right shoes since chances are, they are going to be seen. In these cases, do opt for a high heel. Donít be afraid to make them extra special by getting glittery or decorated ones, because when are you supposed to wear crystals on the shoes if not on your wedding day? However, if you have a princess dress or any other that has a long hem, you can even go with flats if you feel more comfortable that way. You can find beautiful, white, strappy or even ballet flats to go with any dress. The princess dress or any other wedding gown with pearls, crystals or any type of shine go better with ballet flats that can have just a big silver buckle on the middle to make them more interesting. However, if you choose a wedding dress that fits the very popular boho style, strappy flats with maybe even some lace or feather details will look amazing.

White is not the only color you can go with

We all know how to recognize a true wedding shoe; however, it is worthwhile exploring other options as well, especially when deciding on the color. If you are more of a traditional type of bride, champagne, white or any nude color is the right choice for you. And the truth is, you canít go wrong with that. However, if you want to step out of those traditional frames, shoes in any color can make the wedding dress and you’re whole look more interesting and special. Blue is a common option, either dark or soft blue, and it goes great with white. Another fun option could be red sandals with two straps. It will be a pop of color, while still looking stylish and wedding appropriate. You can get classic sandals or shoes without much detail on them, which is a better option if you want color. But, in case you do decide on the traditional look, you can make your white or nude shoes even more decorative if you keep an eye on details such as buckles, lace or glitter.

Even though planning everything can be stressful, donít let the process take all the fun out of putting together a perfect wedding look. Choose whatever feels comfortable and looks like you, and you canít go wrong. And for all the rest, use previous advice as a guide.