The 5 Most Chic New Year’s Eve Dresses and Looks

Fashionable female portrait of cute lady in pink dress indoors

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner! If you’re one of the many Americans who plan to celebrate at a club, bar, or restaurant, you need a new look for the new year.

Still searching for your NYE outfit? Ring in 2020 in style with these New Year’s Eve dresses!

Slip Up

Slip dresses are making a comeback. Just as the name implies, they’re made of silky or satiny material with thin straps, just like a slip.

These slinky dresses look gorgeous in soft, feminine colors like blush or cream. Lace details at the hem add even more romantic charm.

This dress clings to every curve so make sure your undergarments don’t show. Top it off with a comfy coat to stay warm.

Make a Statement

Your new year resolutions might be normal and responsible. Things, like eating healthy and saving money, are always a little boring, but your dress doesn’t have to be.

Send off the year with one last big hurrah by wearing a statement piece. A giant bow, a bright pop of neon color, or lots of beadwork show off your fun and unique personality.

Go Glam

Why not splurge on yourself for NYE? Spend money to upgrade your looks and buy a designer piece.

It doesn’t have to be big, either. One small detail can make the biggest impact.

If you’re spending the cash, go with something that will last you all year. For example, a handbag with the modern design of Saint Laurent is timeless and chic from January to December.

Shine Bright

NYE dresses are the perfect time to step out wearing head-to-toe sparkles. Shine brighter than any fireworks with bright sequins, beads, and bangles.

With a sparkly dress, any option you choose will look amazing. You can stick to all one color, like silver, or go multicolored and dazzle everyone either way.

Roaring 20s

There will no doubt be plenty of Roaring 20s-style parties. Master this look with a few key pieces.

Drop waist dresses with pretty beading are a must. Formal black will make bright beads pop.

Opt for nude hose with black back seams for authenticity. Playfully roll them down with a cute garter.

Your New Year’s Eve shoes should be T-straps with a low heel. Have fun with accessories like gloves, faux fur wraps, and feathered headbands to complete the look.

Unexpected and Unconventional

Let’s say you really want a fresh start. You don’t want to follow any traditional style guide for the new year.

Embrace your unconventional style and get creative. Wear a midi skirt with punky boots.

Put on a pair of leather pants under a short dress. Pair soft velvet outfits with metallic hardware on purses or studs on a leather jacket.

New Year’s Eve Dresses for 2020

You’ve got a fresh new year ahead of you. These New Year’s Eve dresses will make you feel your best stepping into 2020.

No matter where you go or who you celebrate, you’ll do so in style. Discover more ways to look and feel your best in the new year by searching our trends section!