Step Up Your Hair Game: Master How to French Braid Your Own Hair on Two Sides!

french braid on two sides

Hey there! Are you tired of relying on others to style your hair? Well, you’re in for a treat! Learning to French braid your own hair on two sides may seem intimidating at first, but with a little practice and our step-by-step guide, you’ll be rocking those gorgeous double French braids in no time. As someone who struggled with this skill initially, I can assure you that with determination and patience, you’ll become a French braiding pro!

Preparing Your Hair

Before we dive into the braiding, let’s make sure your hair is ready for the task. French braiding works best on medium to long hair, so if your hair falls in that range, you’re all set. Get your hands on some hair ties, bobby pins, and a detangling brush to ensure smooth sailing.

Personally, I have naturally curly hair, and I found that French braiding works wonders in taming frizz and keeping my hair manageable throughout the day. So, regardless of your hair type, this technique has got you covered!

Understanding the Basics of French Braiding

Let’s take a moment to get acquainted with the fundamentals of French braiding. This technique involves adding sections of hair to the braid as you go, creating a beautiful woven effect. It might look complex, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze!

Mastering French Braiding on One Side

Before tackling two sides, it’s essential to feel comfortable with French braiding on one side. Start with a side part and practice on the side with more hair. This way, you’ll develop your skills and confidence. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Dividing Your Hair into Two Sections

Okay, now comes the fun part! Part your hair down the middle to create two equal sections. Use a hair tie or clip to secure one side while you work on the other. Trust me, this will make the process much easier.

French Braiding on Two Sides

Now for the main event! We’ll start with the left side. Take a small section of hair near your hairline, divide it into three strands, and start braiding. As you cross each side strand over the middle one, add a bit of hair to it before crossing. Repeat this process, working your way down your head.

Transitioning to the right side might feel awkward at first, but don’t fret! Divide the remaining unbraided section into three strands, and start braiding just like you did on the left side. Keep it neat and tight for a polished look.

Joining the Braids

Time to bring those braids together! With both sides braided, let the two braids meet at the back of your head. Secure them together with a hair tie, making sure it’s hidden from view.

Finishing Touches

To give your double French braids that extra oomph, gently pull on the sides of each braid to make them appear fuller and more voluminous. If you want your braids to last all day, a spritz of hairspray will do the trick.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now, don’t worry if your first attempt isn’t flawless. We’ve all been there! Practice regularly, and you’ll see steady improvement over time. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment when my double French braids finally looked as good as the ones I’d seen on Pinterest!

Styling and Variations

Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, the styling possibilities are endless! You can experiment with different hair accessories like cute clips or ribbons to jazz up your look. Additionally, try half-up, half-down styles, or incorporate braids into other hairstyles for a unique touch.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you’ve made it! French braiding your own hair on two sides might have seemed like a daunting task at first, but with practice and determination, you’ve aced it. Remember, even if it takes a bit of time to get the hang of it, the results are totally worth it!

So, go ahead and rock those fabulous double French braids with pride. It’s a fantastic skill to have, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

Happy braiding!