Spotting the Difference between a Fake and Replica handbags


sIt may be hard for some people to distinguish between something fake and a replica of another thing. Some imitations have no connections to the main product while others have a close connection to the main product.

Women love good handbags, but good handbags can be anywhere because the “good” is mainly deduced by sight. You can see a handbag from a distance and say it’s good, you can go ahead and impulsively buy it, but after a while, you notice that it is not as good as it thought it was.

It is always wise to do a thorough inspection of the bag before buying it, especially if you are buying it at a local store. But even if you are buying it online, be sure to buy it at a trusted online shop.

What are the factors?

The first difference between the two is that fake bags are sold almost everywhere except in designer and trusted stores. You will find them being sold on the streets, in the black market, in some big stores and even in some online stores. For the replicas of designer bags, you can hardly find them anywhere, and if you do, you’ll notice that they are scarce. One needs to be very careful since you may buy AAA fake handbags thinking you are buying the knockoff and yet you are actually buying what is fake and has no link to the original real product in question.

The other difference is the price of the handbag. For totally fake handbags, the price may be high in some store so as not to arouse any suspicions, but in most cases, the prices will be high, but negotiations will be welcomed and the price will come down slowly by slowly. This is usually a red flag. Even if you buy it at a low price the buyer will have nothing to lose, you will be the one at a loss. For the replica handbags, the price is usually one and if it goes down, it does not do so to a suspicious level.

Fake handbags will serve you for a while and then leave you hanging just when you thought you were getting started with them, they will wear out more easily. But for the case of replicas, they can serve you a good long time, provided you maintain them well enough.

Some people will buy replica handbags and go and manipulate them and take them back to the market. In this case, when you look at the handbag you will say it’s a replica but after some time you will notice that some features have been altered. Some will have the handbag’s handle material changed, or make other minor changes that are not easily detected. The best way to shop for knockoffs is by making comparisons of the replicas and the real handbags try spotting some similarities and then make wise decisions based on your findings. Never confuse fake for the real replicas. AAA fake handbags can mean different things to different people; let it have a good meaning to you.

Image Credits: handbags from Marcel Derweduwen /Shutterstock