Socks – What to Know Before Making Custom Threads

How to make custom threads

Sometimes we think that being in fashion and buying trendy clothes is extremely expensive.  Same we suppose about customized clothing – that it is too much costly and we find it unnecessary, even if we really want to have something unique. But in practice, wearing such things is not unavailable or only for “privileged ones”. It can be easier than we think.  A perfect example is socks. They are small but noticeable enough in our outfit. We like socks being matched to the rest of the clothes but sometimes it is a little bit problematic. Why? Because not always we find ideal socks in clothing stores.  Material is not satisfying very often. It is scratching, plastic, not stretching or all of it at once. Sometimes the size should be proper for our feet but textile is completely inextensible. Material has to be flexible, particularly when socks are long, knee-high for example. Leg can’t be compressed because it is unhealthy. Or the opposite – the weave is so loose and baggy that socks are stretched after one wearing.  The advantage of custom socks is that we can choose the fabric we want them to be made of. It can even be jacquard if it is our favorite among materials. We should pay attention to what method was used to color socks. The best option is when they are dye-sublimated. Also, what is important, customized ones have the same or better quality than socks from stores.

Anatomy of a sock

Let’s start at the top. The cuff is in a striped pattern. It is because everyone can stretch it on the leg as high as he or she wants. In perfect socks, it can’t press the skin and make a person who wears it feel uncomfortable.  The next part of the sock – the leg – is usually plain. It is the most important because there is the main print.  The heel is always a type of gusset. It may have color but patterns usually don’t appear there. The gussets are triangular-shaped on each side of the ankle. They have to be elastic to adapt to the heel.  One before last is the foot of the sock.  It should be comfortable and shouldn’t have any patterns or badges because it is perceptible by the wearing one and can be inconvenient for a longer period of time.  The toe is the smallest part of the sock.  There are no patterns, just like on the heel. Those two segments usually are in the same hue.

Create your personal design

The most important is to have own project of your custom and if we decide to make socks by ourselves, the first step is to choose the proper patterns. It can be everything – our drawing which we will scan, send to the computer and cut precisely, a photo of our pet or loved one, or any other design we find on the Internet or invent. It depends on our style, threads can be various. Even if we don’t have the concept, we can choose some already existing logo and put it there. Putting random colorful stains or just a rainbow is already an idea for instance. The only thing which counts is creativity.