Should I Invest in a Tungsten Wedding Ring

Tungsten Wedding Ring

If you are about to tie the knot with your fiancť, you are probably thinking about the wedding ring that you should buy for the both of you. As a matter of fact, buying a wedding ring can be tricky, specifically because itís not one of those things that you buy every few months or years. For a start, itís easy to be overwhelmed by the choices that are available in the market.

On the other hand, you have to be careful when making your choice as it will be a life time item. Remember, your choice of a wedding ring will reflect on how you value the relationship that you have with your future partner. While most people prefer to invest in a ring thatís either made from gold, silver or diamond, you can choose to be different by opting for a ring thatís constructed from tungsten material. Continue reading below to learn why tungsten is the new kid on the block.

1. Affordable Ring

Anyone that has ever bought a golden wedding ring will tell you that the jewelry can give you a run for your money. In fact, you might have to borrow a loan from your bank to be able to buy a ring made from gold or diamond. Tungsten material is actually the most affordable when compared with other precious materials. By investing in such a ring, you will actually be getting more for less money. In fact, itís not easy to single out a tungsten ring. And maybe thatís why most people including celebrities are opting for tungsten rings.

2. Good Value for Money

When shopping for a ring, you definitely want to invest in a masterpiece that will offer good value for money. If you have read the great reviews for tungsten, you must have realized that the rings donít have to be cleaned every now and then like gold and diamond. This is because tungsten retains its finish forever. This means that the ring will still look brand new even after you have worn it for decades. Remember, a ring that requires regular cleaning is costly in the long run. This is because you will have to budget for the cleaning service.

3. Durable Jewelry

Over the years, tungsten was only used in the making of medical equipment and ship parts. This is because tungsten canít bend like other metals. You see, the metal canít lose its elegant appeal as itís naturally resistant to scratches. Whether the ring is banged against a rock or another metal, it will still retain its original shape. Amazingly, there are people that got involved in a car or plane crash but their tungsten ring was left intact. The good thing is that tungsten rings are also available in various colors so you can choose one that matches with the theme of your wedding.

4. Resistant to Heat

Although tungsten is a good conductor of electricity, itís solid state can never be changed by extreme heat. You can therefore enjoy wearing it regardless of the nature of the job without worrying that it will wear out. Even if you are a welder, the resulting heat can never damage the ring. You therefore donít have to keep it in a fire resistant safe in your home.

5. Rust Free

Other metals can be easily worn out by rusting, especially when exposed to a moist environment. Tungsten on the other hand can naturally resist rusting. You can go for a swim or walk in the rain while wearing it and it will not show any signs of rusting later. You also donít have to remove it when cleaning the dishes or laundry.