Scarves as Spring Summer Dress Enhancers and Accessory

Scarves are one of the summer’s best accessories, and there are so many different ways to wear them. Who says scarves are just for winter?

There are 14 summer scarves — silk, cotton, oversized, and everything in-between — that will help bring color and fun to any outfit.

Floral Bandana
You are trying to knot a classic bandana on your neck to update summer style. This one is super lightweight and 100% cotton, so that it won’t heat you on those hot days.

Palermo Print Bandana
It is easy to update low pony with a semi-sheer square scarf. You have to roll and tie it around a secured ponytail. This is much of an unexpected way to add some color and personality to your summer hair.

Patchwork Scarf
When struck and not sure what to do with your hair on a Summer Friday? The answer is a long silky scarf. You have to fold it over to get the width you want and tie a knot at the nape of your neck.

Painted Linen Scarf
The vibrant color pops in this long linen scarf are just too great to brighten up your denim. Slightly and simply double wrap is fool-proof and always a great idea.

Gingham Scarf With Pom-Poms
This seersucker style will be your warm-weather BFF, and Nothing says summer like gingham, It’ is a fun and chic statement accessory that can take you from day tonight.

Leopard Print Satin Scarf
You can replace your statement junk jewelry with this… an animal print satin neck scarf. Take it and fold it in half, corner to corner, and then tie a knot in the back.

Reversible Skinny Scarf
Tie around your neck, your bun, or your tote! The skinny scarf does it all. You can even add it to an older bag and create something like a fresh and gorgeous look.

Kaleidoscope Scarf
Always chilly at the movies or dinner? The kaleidoscope, as the name suggests, this colorful scarf solves everything for you! Best preparedness for last-minute dinner dates. .Keep one stashed in your car.

Tasseled Stripe Scarf
The office AC is a constant struggle in the warmer months. Swap it out with a sweater .. wear a thin scarf that doubles as a wrap.

Floral Silk Scarf
Add this loosely tied neck scarf whenever you want to hit the refresh button and —a perfect accent to a lightweight v-neck sweater.

Rainbow Stripe Scarf
The rainbow scarf is a perfect beach companion. Cold enough for early morning strolls and warm sufficient for sunset sangrias.

Silk Chiffon Scarf
A perfect recipe for a modern choker style, a chiffon diamond-shaped scarf is. Just keep yourself wrapping, and when you get to the end loosely tie the knot. Parisian chic all the way.

Printed Triangle Scarf
The oversized bandana styling is a simple fashion statement. It can be perfectly paired with your favorite neutral top and jeans, and you’ll be ready for any outdoor event.

Iris Dot Scarf
Dots, stripes, and flowers are a dreamy summer combination. Dress up a classic t-shirt or try this with a bright pink dress. Either way, you can’t go wrong.