Indian Traditional Dress The Pride of Women


India is a land of traditions and it’s futile to ignore the pressing fact that the country does have some signature wealth that has left the entire world gawking at it. It might not be the richest country in terms of economy, but it is definitely one of the richest countries in terms of culture and traditions. And the best show is presented through the different traditional clothes that women wear in cultural events, at weddings, parties, and even in the B-town.

Some decades ago, Indian traditional dresses lost its own vigor. However, over the years, the persistent efforts of the fashion designers of the country again revived the glam of the Indian dresses and now, they are the first apparels that one would choose.

Yes, modifications have been done in the style and also the wearing pattern and these have made the dresses elegant yet bold. Indian ethnicity is clearly reflected from the embroidery, the cut of the apparels, and the accessories that you pair with your dress.

Let’s have a glance at some of the best ethnic Indian dresses that you can stuff your wardrobe with!


Saree is said to be the purest form of Indian women apparel and her grace and elegance are perfectly defined by this long stretch of designer cloth. A wide range of fabrics is used to make the sarees like cotton, synthetic, muslin, silk, linen, and so on. Sometimes the embroidery is done with threads, sometimes with decorative pieces like stones, and sometimes you will also have fabric prints. It is mainly worn with every accessory like gold jewellery, diamonds, and even the casual ones.


This particular dress is perfect for every occasion, be it someone’s wedding or any puja at your house. There are a plethora of different cuts and designs of the salwars, starting from A line to the front slit. The only thing, which actually matters, is the correct choice of the shoes, accessories, and your hairstyle. The kameez or the lower apparel piece is usually made loose, converging at your ankles. However, you can also make the pant choose down your knees with folds near the ankles. It is perfect for the eastern and the western style.


Patiala suits are primarily from Punjab. Women over there frequently wear this particular Indian traditional apparel. The upper piece is usually made smaller in length and body fit is preferred. The length actually ends till mid-thigh or slightly lower than that. The lower piece is like an elongated balloon, fluffy and air-stacked. Folds are seen in the lower piece that adds volume to the pant and highlights your legs. Usually, the colors are kept contrasting to draw equal attention on both the halves.


This piece of Indian traditional dress is named after the famous historical character of Anarkali who used to wear a same type of dress. It is a long salwar with tight fit pants, which form folds near the ankles. The length is usually kept long, ending mid-calf or slightly lower than that. The designs are usually made heavy and intricate to symbol the royal culture of India. The modern Anarkali suits are a bit different in their embroideries and the choice of fabric.