How to Style Your Saree in Five Interesting Ways

Style Your Saree

Saree, the timeless classic that can transform the girl-next-door into an artists muse, is six yards of elegance every woman ought to embrace. The multi-faceted nature of the saree is unrivalled it is as much the glory of a traditional Indian housewife as it is the sartorial favourite of fashionistas. Of all the richness that exists in Indian fashion, the saree seems to transcend it all.

Through the years, sarees have evolved, and so have our ways of wearing them. While the traditional regional styles of wearing a saree will always remain in fashion, there may be times when youre in the mood for some experimentation. Here are five interesting ways to style your saree and stay six yards ahead of your time!

The Scarf Style

Try this style if you are looking for a graceful look that is easy to manage and also flatters your curves. Drape the saree in the traditional Nivi style, such that your pallu goes from the front over your left shoulder. Keep the pleats secured and the pallu longer than usual. Bring it from your back over to your right shoulder and wrap it around your neck like a muffler. Make sure that the border of the pallu is visible in the front, while the back of it remains towards your neck. To make it even chicer, you could add a slim belt to pull the look together.

Ditch the Traditional Blouse

Want to take a sharp curve onto the lane of sartorial heterodoxy? Styling your saree with a western top instead of a traditional blouse is a good place to start. The change, though apparently run-of-the-mill, can actually be revolutionary. Among the various types of tops for women, the crop top will look the coolest with sarees. Offbeat fashionistas are also coupling off-shoulder tops and flounce-sleeve tops to pep up a sombre-looking saree. If the saree is in a solid colour, pairing it with a dramatic, even quirky top will enliven the whole look. A lot of new-age designers today are coming up with designer sarees paired with shirts and vintage tops.

The Iconic Mumtaz Drape

Reclaim the old-world resplendence of the 60s with this famous draping style, borrowed from the yesteryear actress Mumtaz. If you want your saree to look like a full-length bodycon dress with flared ends, you should try this style. Start by draping your saree around your waist, tucking each part carefully into your petticoat. Once you have taken a full round, make two pleats and tuck them into your petticoat right under your navel. Wrap the remaining portion around your waist and tuck it inside your petticoat such that it stays 4-5 inches above the previous wrap. Repeat this one or two more times, shortening the length of your saree each time you tuck it inside the petticoat. Take the remaining portion and pleat it narrowly. Throw it over your left shoulder and pin it such that it drapes tightly over your chest.

Pants-Style Saree

Wish to break free from the shackles of convention? Ditch your regular petticoat and make a bold statement with the pants-style saree. Wear your favourite leggings or dhoti pants, pleat your saree and tuck it into your pants right under your navel. Take the left end of the pleats and bring it to the right side, tucking it into the leggings. Fashion a pallu out of the remaining portion and throw it over your left shoulder from the front. Tuck the remaining saree into your pants to avoid a messy look. Secure it all with safety pins.

The Mock Lehenga

Have a wedding to attend? Try this amazing look that makes your saree look like a lehenga. Take one end of your saree and start by making broad pleats. Tuck them into your petticoat one-by-one. Continue until you have completely wrapped it around yourself. After that, take the narrow end of the saree and drape it from your back over your left shoulder. You may keep the pallu loose for a breezy look.

No piece of clothing holds such a firm grip over an Indian womans fashion psyche as the timeless saree. Its time to think out-of-the-box and style your saree in a unique, stylish way.

Image credit via Mila Supinskaya Glashchenko/Shutterstock