How to Steer Clear from Offensive Cosplay


During Comic Cons, private parties or other types of conventions, Cosplay is fast becoming incredibly popular by allowing people to show true fandom by assuming the identity of their favorite character. Cosplay is also emerging as one of the top costume trends on Halloween as well. But for a lot of rookies, getting their Cosplay costume right is not such an easy task.

Thatís because in todayís modern times, there are a lot of tropes you really want to avoid so that your costume choice remains fun but doesnít go on to offend anyone. If you too, want to avoid doing that, follow these tips to steer clear from offensive Cosplay:

Refrain From Blackface at All Costs:

No matter just how much you like a black character, do not go for blackface because this can end up making your costume a big turn off for people rather than serving the original purpose of making you appear as a true fan.

Blackface is one of the most foremost ways through which you can perpetuate racist stereotypes and it goes on to give off a feel that you do not have enough respect for the black experience.

Even if you want to assume the character of someone who is black on screen, do it without the blackface.

Donít Ever Incorporate Chains or Leashes That Exhibit Subjugation:

Whether itís about slavery, chains and leashes are offensive to each one of them. The person who is wearing them not only appears in approval of such abuses but also seems to be okay with the power structures at work which cause such abuse. Any person from a culture or gender which has a history of dealing with such inhumanness will find your costume in really bad taste, so drop the idea know.

Never Show Signs That Depict Violence of any Kind:

There is a big reason why people opt for superhero costumes as compared to other characters which they can emulate. Superhero costumes resoundingly show that a person is all for empowering humanity and is against any kind of violence. And if you are new to Cosplay, you should tow along the same lines.

Many rookies commit the mistake of adding violence to their Cosplay characters like wearing a realistic dinosaur costume and smearing blood on its face to make it look scary. This can seriously backfire so steer clear of such ideas immediately because the characterís original costume is enough to show what you are trying to portray and there is no need for added dramatics.

Wrapping Things Up:

These are some of the most common mistakes that people do during Cosplay which can offend a lot of people, but they are not the only ones because this list is very long for e.g. you cannot make fun of someoneís gender identify, vilify women, indulge in cultural appropriation etc. To ensure that your costume is safe for viewing and not offensive by any means, itís always good to do some research from all aspects. And if you find nothing problematic, you can really make a dash for it and enjoy your Cosplay convention like you are supposed to.

Image credit: Cosplay via Everyonephoto Studio/Shutterstock