How to Sew a Makeup Bag

Sew makeup bag

Having an overabundance of makeup can be a royal pain when you don’t know where to put it, how to store it, or if you are hoping to travel with it! This is where a makeup bag definitely comes in handy but the prices of them in the stores are not the cheapest. They seem to increase in price as they increase in size so it can get pretty expensive in a flash when it comes to purchasing makeup bags for all your makeup.

Makeup bags are also versatile, and they can store a lot more than just makeup items – think skincare products, shower toiletries, and even hair products depending on the size of the makeup bag. They are perfect for taking on overnight trips or for a long weekend getaway which is why the majority of women (and some men) will have at least one makeup in their closet or stored with their luggage.

Seeing as it can be so expensive to accumulate a stack of makeup bags, or perhaps you are the type of person who would prefer a greener approach to your products; we want to share a DIY tutorial for sewing your own makeup bag! That’s right – reach down inside your artistic soul and find that creative spirit to not only save money but grow your sewing skills by sewing your own makeup bag.

The Tutorial

Before you start sewing, before you start cutting your fabric, before you even place the zipper on top of your workstation – you need to ensure that you have all the materials and tools you need for this project. It can be frustrating to a person when they are in the middle of a project, momentum is building, and the creative juices are flowing but they have to stop because they don’t have all of their supplies. This is why completing a checklist of supplies is important and can keep the frustration levels to a minimum.

What You Will Need

All of the mentioned supplies can be found at department stores, flea markets, and craft stores. Online stores will also have the items needed for sewing your own makeup bag if that is your preferred method of shopping!

  •  Fabric measuring approximately ¼ of a yard
  • Complimentary fabric measuring approximately ¼ of a yard
  •  9” Zipper (if you are sewing a makeup bag that has a zipper)

o   Choose a smaller zipper for a smaller makeup bag or a larger one if you plan to make an oversized makeup bag.

  •  Sewing Scissors
  •  Iron
  • Thread
  • Large workspace
  • Sewing pins

Once you’ve assembled all your supplies, the best part of the project happens! You are ready to start sewing your own makeup bag!

Step One: Cut two pieces of fabric into sections that measure 9.5 x 6 inches from the main fabric you have chosen for your makeup bag. Lay to one side.

Step Two: Cut two pieces of fabric into sections that measure 9.5 x 4 inches from the coordinating fabric. Lay to one side.

Step Three: Cut two pieces of fabric into sections that measure 9.5 x 10 inches – the fabric you choose for this step is entirely your decision as it will be in the inside of the makeup bag.

Step Four: Sew a 9.5 x 6-inch piece of fabric and a 9.5 x 4-inch piece of fabric together by joining the long side. Repeat this step for the second piece of fabric measuring 9.5 x 6 inches and 9.5 x 4 inches.

Step Five: Press both sections open with an iron and leave on the table. You can use the ideal iron for sewing to get better results.

Step Six: Take the zipper and press it face down on one of sections of cloth. Cover this with a piece of the inner fabric also face down and pin in place. Open the zipper about halfway and sew down the side of the zipper.

Step Seven: Place the second section of sewed fabric on the other side of the zipper, pin the second piece of inner fabric in place and sew down the side of the zipper.

Step Eight: Open the pieces of fabric and turn them upside down. Ensure that the zipper in the middle of the fabric.

Step Nine: Sew around the bottom of the fabric (use the bottom as the beginning point) and come around the entire length of the fabric; leaving about a 3-inch opening at the center of the fabric to create a closed rectangle.

Step Ten: To make the comers, fold the seam so that the corner is in the middle and stitch across approximately an inch in. Take your sewing scissors and slip off the corner. Repeat these steps until all four corners are sewed together.

Step Eleven: Turn the finished product right side out so that inner fabric is on the inside and the outside is facing you.

Step Twelve: Press the fabric that makes up the inner liner in place and sew the opening closed.

Enjoy your new makeup bag!


It only takes approximately twenty minutes, some fabric, a zipper (if you choose to use one), and some imagination when it comes to the pattern and design you want for your new makeup bag. Once you have assembled all your materials and printed your tutorial – you are ready to start sewing your own makeup bag!

Use these makeup bags as gifts for your closest friends (adding makeup or other treats are optional), treat your daughter or niece to handmade and unique makeup bags, and definitely keep some for yourself. They are perfect for storing makeup, traveling with makeup, and any other items you might want or need during a getaway. Don’t think that is the only time you can use your newly sewn makeup bag either – it is ideal for keeping the clutter off your controls in your bedroom or in the washroom.