How To Always Look Put Together

Always look put together

As Coco Chanel said so articulately dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. Honestly, we can’t agree anymore. Looking put together not only leaves a lasting impression on people but also says a lot about your personality.

With the hustle-bustle of life, it’s far too easy to throw on the first thing you see in your closet and rush out of your house. But let’s face it, we all feel a little underconfident on days like these. Being shabby not only gives out a wrong impression of you but also makes you feel not-so-good about your own self.

All it takes to always look put together and magically feel better is few adjustments here and there and a few minutes. Read on for a few quick tricks that’ll instantly improve your day.

Focus On Your Hair

Hair care

Messy hair might be a fashion statement at the moment and gives you that cool chic vibe. There is nothing in this world that screams class like nicely styled hair. Always style your hair and keep them healthy. Your hair can truly make or break a look. Mastering a few hairstyles and handling them bad hair day is an art every woman must learn.

Pay Attention To Your Nails

Importance of clean nails

Well kept nails and moisturised hands are the way to go. Nobody approves of dirty nails or cuticles. That doesn’t mean hitting the salon and spending a bomb every week. A few DIY scrubs, moisturiser, clean cuticles, knuckles and nicely painted hands can do the job just right.

Invest In Skincare


Investing in Skincare doesn’t mean putting a hole in your pocket. You can use the most affordable products available out there in the market which works for your skin. The important step here is to have a skincare routine. Not only it provides a great base for your makeup but also looks beautiful when you decide to go bare. Hydrated, glowing, plump skin is always in the vogue and also is a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

Accessories It Right

Going OTT with your accessories can be a fashion disaster and rather turn out shabby instead of put together. Always check your look head to toe and wear the accessories that are required instead of going gaga over it. Minimal is a new way and works like magic. Wearing wrong accessories or over accessorising your look can make you go from Fab to Drab in seconds.

Shoes To The Rescue

The large part of someone’s personality is judged by the shoes they wear. Every women must-have shoes for each occasion. Wearing pointy shoes is another super quick way of instantly looking more polished. Wearing the wrong size, fit or style of shoes can take a toll on your entire look. Always ensure to wear comfortable, clean and right pair.

Smelling Good For The Win

A little fragrance goes a long way. Smelling good is one of the first signs of personal hygiene. Using scented lotions, investing in a good perfume and good oral hygiene can help you keep your A-game at par. The nose is one of the strongest sense of a human body and a pleasant smell is always welcome.

Practising Good Posture

Importance of good posture

Make an effort to consciously work on your own posture every day. Your posture defines your confidence and gives your body a better shape. Crossing your leg while sitting shows disinterest while slouching shows lack of confidence. Keeping your shoulders straight, back and stomach pulled inside is the way to go. Even while walking always keep the back straight and walk heel to toe.

Collect The Classics

Every fashionista in this world swears by what they call Capsule Wardrobe i.e. having the classic pieces in your closet that are easy to mix & match. A nice blazer, white shirt, a pair of denim that fits you well, classic pair of heels and bag are a few things every woman must have all the time. These are a few pieces that go a long way.

Looking put together doesnt have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time, but it does require a little effort every day. Once you start making these steps a part of your daily routine, it will feel like no effort at all, especially compared to how amazing youll look.

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