How to Jig Your Address for Sneaker Copping?


Getting your hands on multiple pairs of limited-edition sneakers can be difficult due to the security measures implemented by retailers. The use of proxies is common in sneaker copping, but that doesn’t guarantee a successful copping every time. Especially, when you use the same address for your orders, sneaker sites can detect those suspicious orders and cancel them all.

You must know how to jig your address to be a successful sneaker copper. This guide contains all the necessary tips and tricks for address jigging. Let us introduce you to some of the most effective address jigging techniques.

What Is Address Jigging?

Jigging these details is often easy if you know the right technique. And you can bypass the security measures through jigging. Here are some proven jigging techniques so that you can bag the desired pairs of sneakers from top retailers.

Different Types of Jigging

Depending on the target retailer, you may need to use multiple jigging methods. Check the common types below.

Name Jigging

Altering your first or last name in each order is known as name jigging. It might be a bit difficult if you use physical credit cards. But as virtual credit cards don’t come with a name, you can put any name you please.

Remember, entering completely fake names can be suspicious. So, you should only change the first or last part of your name in a way that it looks like a real name.

Phone Number Jigging

If you have a lot of SIM cards, using each number for different orders is easy. But if you don’t have the resources, you can simply make up a number and put that into the website for the order. Remember, you must enter the correct area code so that it matches the shipping address.

Alternatively, you can use the phone number of your friends or family if that is possible. But making up a phone number is the best solution.

Email Address Jigging

The required jigging technique may vary depending on where you are copping. For example, if you are targeting Supreme, YeezySupply, or Footsites, it is best to use different emails for every order. Using a trusted email provider, such as Gmail, will help you in this process.

Another method is to buy a domain and create multiple emails under that domain. These are known as catch-all emails as all mails will come to the same domain. You should use trusted domains, such as .com domains, to create emails. The names on the emails should align with the first and last names you will use with each email.

Shipping Address Jigging

This is the most interesting part of the jigging. As you might already assume, your shipping address has many loopholes where you can modify the address and it will still work as your shipping address. Here are some common jigging tricks.

·      Adding Random Letters or Numbers: You can simply put three or four random letters or numbers before your shipping address. For example, if your address is 12345 X City, Y State, you can enter the address as abcd 12345 X City, Y State.

·      Using Abbreviations: Some words in your address can be abbreviated. For example, if your address is 12345 X Road, Y City, you can use 12345 X Rd, Y City. Other abbreviations include St., Str., Blvd, etc.

·      Using Apartment or Floor Numbers: For residential houses, entering a random apartment number can be a great technique. But if you live in an apartment, you can use a floor number instead. For example, add Room 1 in the middle of your address so that it looks like a different address.

Credit Card Jigging

Even though you have virtual credit cards, making up their number won’t work. So, jigging credit cards means using different credit cards for each purchase. You can easily create multiple credit cards. Remember, make a list where you bind a profile name with a specific email, shipping address, and credit card. This way, your orders won’t contain any suspicious elements.

Why Do You Need an Address Jigging Tool?

If you are copping in bulk, jigging your name, email, shipping address, and credit cards manually can be hectic. Address jigging tools can help you create addresses in bulk. But be sure to check them before using them.


With the increased popularity of sneaker copping, retailers are also being more careful. So, using proxies for checkout isn’t enough because proxies don’t change your shipping address or email. So, you must use address jigging for successful copping operations.