How to Dress Like the Timeless Fashion Icons

Fashion Icons

Everyone knows their names; Anna Wintour, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly to name a few. They’re all timeless fashion icons, winding their way through history to stay eternally relevant in the industry. Women the world over have been empowered by these titans of style, feeling stronger and bolder simply by what they wear.

Of course, it’s not just down to the style of their clothing either. They all had attitudes and charisma that few could contend with and carried off their looks with an air of unparalleled confidence. Everyone wanted to be them.

Consequently, here’s how you can dress like the timeless fashion icons.

Skater and Fit Flare Dresses

As Hepburn understood by her simpler style, often the best style choices accentuate what you already have. Too much excess, and you’re drawing attention away from your natural beauty. Stay away from fury jackets, goggle-like shades, clunky ugg boots, and jeans that emphasise the rear far too much. Instead, go for something with a bit more simplicity, yet sophistication too!

For example, skater and fit flare dresses could be perfect here. They’re practical in the hot temperatures, and stylish with all the bold patterns and colors they can feature. Pair them with some humble pumps in a matching color, and you have a modest but quirky outfit to work with. It’s light and breezy and won’t restrict your movement. If you want to look ‘cool’ without trying (which most models and fashion icons expertly pull of), skater and fit flare dresses are a wise place to begin.

Shirts and Trench Coats

Multifunctional dressing is a big part of what makes fashion work. It’s all about being diverse and adaptable, instead of being locked into any given box. Today, many women are leaving ‘traditional’ dresses in the wardrobe and going for more formal options instead. Push the boundaries and test things out; after all, that’s how all the timeless fashion icons got to where they did!

For example, you could adorn a tan coloured trench coat with a belted waist to sport that formal and professional kind of look. Once you hit the office or meeting space, you could then hang it up to reveal a cotton white shirt, buttoned and collared to score you some extra chic points. Don’t be afraid to go for something outside of the dress arena; tailored trousers and shirts are also fashionable too!

The Handbags

Grace Kelly carried the classic Hermes Kelly bag, Jane Birkin held the Hermes Birkin, and Audrey Hepburn went for the Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag. Obviously, there’s a broad spectrum of style choices here, and they each underpin different kinds of outfits both formal and informal. Your job here is to pair your handbag with your outfit, as you would a pair of shoes, for example.

If you’re struggling, there’s a wide range of options for handbags and purses from Radley London, the go to store if you need to complete the outfit you’re wearing. You can go for the cross body bag to emphasise an informal look, or a zip-top shoulder and large multiway satchel to accentuate any formal look you’re sporting. Match them up with the colors you’re wearing, and your fashionable look is complete!

Image Credits: Fashion Icons from HighKey /Shutterstock