How to Choose the Best Necklace for Any Occasion

Necklace for Occasion

Adding a necklace to any outfit transforms an ordinary look into an extraordinary one. A classic dress is easily vamped up with a statement necklace or a basic set of pearls. Discover how to choose the best necklace for any occasion to put your most fashionable face forward.

Define the Budget

Necklaces come in every price point, so the first step is to define the budget. When shopping for a necklace, beautiful options are ranging from a few dollars to millions of dollars. Know how much you can spend and what outfits you want to complement with a dynamic accessory.

Metals Matter

Another factor to consider is the type of metal used to make the necklace. Silver, gold, and rose gold are all eye-catching options depending on your personal preference. Consider beautiful necklaces featuring mixed metals that match well with all types of bracelets, earrings, and rings. Precious metals are more expensive than base ones, such as stainless steel. Another option is layered gold over sterling silver for a luxurious yet affordable piece of jewelry.

Gems and Stones

The gems and stones used to create a necklace add a rainbow of colors and possibilities. From the white shades of pearls to the rich red of rubies, gemstones add appeal to any necklace. Pendants feature one stone in the center, while beaded necklaces include gemstones all around. Beads and pearls might be hand-knotted to ensure the integrity of the necklace for years to come. Some people choose gemstones based on their birthdays or healing energies associated with the stone.

A Daring Choker

Necklaces are available in a variety of lengths to match any top or dress. A choker is a short necklace that matches well with v-necks and low-necked shirts. The choker draws attention to this area of your body, making your neck look longer and more attractive. Most chokers have a black cord, but they also come in other colors, as well as metals. Try to find a choker with an adjustable chain to keep your neck comfortable anytime you decide to wear this style.

Make a Statement

Statement necklaces are a popular way to add life to a tired outfit. The days of buying new clothes for a night out are over. Accessories can turn a simple outfit into a gorgeous ensemble that turns heads. Jewelry, with bold stones and unique designs, is often referred to as making a statement. As soon as you clasp the necklace, all eyes are on your neck. Dare to show off your unusual sense of style by choosing statement necklaces in a rainbow of colors and textures.

Match or Not?

Sometimes women like to match a necklace to their dress or sweater. Matching and complementing colors create a professional and pulled-together look. But if you want to get attention at a dance club or casino, try contrasting jewelry for a bold look. A red necklace with a black dress brings color to your outfit. Find a matching red lipstick for a fresh feel without breaking the bank to buy a new outfit.

Affordable Updates

Trending looks get expensive, especially for fashion-forward women who want the latest looks. Adding a trendy necklace to your collection is an affordable and easy way to get in on the fashion industry’s hottest trends. For a few dollars, you can update your appearance without spending hours shopping for expensive clothes. Add a necklace with the latest colors and textures to refresh your current wardrobe.

Over the Collar

Necklaces come in various lengths to fit perfectly into any neckline. Longer necklaces can be worn over a blouse or shirt collar, while shorter ones are nestled above the neckline. Very long necklaces also make a daring statement. Wear a pendant to your belly button with a mock neck shirt for a classic look that never goes out of style. Long necklaces add a dash of drama to the simplest outfits.

Long and Layered

Another popular way to wear necklaces is layering them over a soft shirt or dress. For generations, women have worn layered necklaces to show their fabulous fashion sense and ability to add accessories to transform an outfit. Typically, women layer three necklaces in short, medium, and long lengths. Experiment to find new looks, such as a statement necklace with a pendant or a choker with long beads.

Going Overboard

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for the latest jewelry. The temptation to pair a large pair of thick hoops with a bold statement necklace can lead to fashion errors. Look carefully at how you match jewelry pieces and avoid wearing too many dramatic items at one time. Choose a bold necklace with stud earrings, or wear a delicate necklace with large shoulder-brushing earrings. Avoid wearing too much of a good thing!

Gifts that Keep Giving

A necklace is a gift that keeps on giving long after a birthday or anniversary is over. If you want to create lasting memories, give her a beautiful necklace for the next special occasion. Consider a charm that reflects something she likes or the feelings you share. Some charms have two or three parts that can be worn to show the people are connected. Another option is a classic chain or choker that can be worn for years to come and passed down to future generations. Quality jewelry becomes part of a woman’s wardrobe for decades and can still be treasured and worn by future generations.

Shopping for necklaces is a fun way to update your wardrobe. Consider all the places you go and which outfits you want to enhance with gorgeous jewelry. Find gemstones that complement the colors in your favorite outfits. Think about adding mixed metal pieces to your jewelry box to match with all types of earrings, rings, and bracelets for sparkling appeal. Remember to establish a budget to ensure you get what you want at a price you can afford. With a myriad of costume and high-end jewelry to choose from, a few pieces can turn your everyday closet into an exciting space!

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