How to Choose Sunglasses for Each Season


It’s that time of year once again, the leaves on the trees are slowly starting to change colors, the breeze is getting just a tad bit cooler, and the last few weeks of summer are leading us into fall. As such, you might be readying your long-sleeve tees, your bonfire hoodies, and your flannels. These are all staples in a fall-wardrobe, as is a pair of stylish sunglasses that can add an element of flair to just about any outfit. A common misconception is that sunglasses are really only beneficial to have around in the pique of beach-season. Contrary to that belief though, sunglasses are versatile and can give anyone’s style a little edge in any and every season. 

Picking the right pair of seasonal sunglasses is a little bit different for everyone. This is because there are a variety of factors that will influence the sunglasses purchase decision in one direction or another. For example, a person who spends a lot of their time on the road, may want a pair of driving sunglasses, while someone making their way through tough trails and terrains may want a pair of sunglasses that are a bit more durable. 

Here are just a few tips that can help guide you in shopping for sunglasses

Location, Location, Location

One of the first things to consider when you’re buying seasonal sunglasses, or adding a pair of sunglasses to your wardrobe in general, is the regional location in which you’re based. This is because location can determine seasonal weather patterns, popular sports within the region, and can even influence style, too. Denver, for instance, is wildly popular among a slightly younger demographic. Not only that, but Denver is sort of well known to be a little bit hipster. Combine this with the direct access to mountains, and the high-altitudes, and it’s easy to realize that this is also a city in which many residents spend recreational time outdoors. Whether they’re skiing, snowboarding, or just hiking mountain trails. 

On the flip side of this, but similarly mountainous, are places like California, where it can still be beach weather all the way through Christmas, giving residents endless opportunities to wear sunglasses all year round. 

Keeping these regional examples in mind there are certain sunglasses that would make sense to purchase based on where you live. Up in the snowy mountains of Denver, snowboarding and skiing sunglasses are widely popular as they help recreational athletes see through glare as they carve up the slopes. Whereas California offers a wonderful climate for kicking back and relaxing, making slimmer sunglasses and aviator designs some of the top styles on the west coast and in other similar climates. 

Other regions, like the midwest for example, see the whole bouquet of seasons and the associated weather. From brutal winters with biting winds and heavy snowfalls to scorching summer days, and of course a sprinkling of glorious spring and autumn nights which can all call for a unique pair of sunglasses designed specifically for the season. 

Function and Fit

Function and fit are two extremely important variables that will help determine which pair of sunglasses is going to be right for you. Fit is a little bit different than style, even though they sort of play into one another. Fit, though, is more specifically talking about the comfort of the sunglasses and how they feel resting on your face. The right pair of sunglasses won’t make your nose or your ears uncomfortable, and should feel relatively light on your face. If your sunglasses aren’t comfortable, you won’t ever want to wear them anyway.

Function, however, is going to influence the design of sunglasses you’re going to need. If you’re a snowboarder, as was mentioned earlier, you may gravitate towards thicker pairs of sunglasses that are designed for a lot of movement. These pairs of sunglasses will differ from say, the pairs of sunglasses that a fisher may want to explore. Knowing what you intend to do while wearing sunglasses will certainly help point you in the right direction. 

The Role Personal Style Plays

Finally, and certainly the most fun part of purchasing a pair of sunglasses is the personal style involved. Sunglasses are just as unique and diverse as we are as humans, and there’s certainly a pair for every one of us, and each of our moods. The right pair of sunglasses will help you show off your personality without saying a word. 

Whether you want a pair of sunglasses to wear as a statement piece, or you prefer a classic sleek and elegant style; there’s undoubtedly a pair of shades for you.

Purchasing the Right Pair for You

The right pair of sunglasses won’t only help protect your sensitive eyes from the harsh UV rays from the sun, but they’ll also add a layer to your style, and can even help you improve performance in certain contexts.