To Become a Model : How to act Smart & get Recognised

To become a model for a lot of people is a more of a talent and profile based than a glamorous and lucrative venture. They may want to be recognized in the modeling world which is extremely competitive, and an industry filled with rejection.

Success really do come to those models who spend their time doing something that they are passionate about and have a zeal to.

It is better to know what to expect while entering the world of modeling. It can help you prepare to become a model by categorizing it as under :-

  • Mastering the Basics of Modeling
  • Understanding Portfolios and Agencies
  • Navigating a Modeling Career

To Become a Model : Mastering the Basics of Modeling

Be healthy inside. Do a plenty of regular exercise. Eat and drink healthy foods. A healthy body helps you look at the best of your physique.

Fitness is important. It is considered to be a good habit to work with a trainer who specifically works with models. Tell the trainer about the modeling goals. It must be conveyed how you wish to look. You must ask for a tailor made exercise regimen to support the future goals.

Eat right. On the contrary, what people tell you, you should eat healthy foods and healthy amounts of food. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, proteins and healthy fats should make up the basics of diet. Sugars, empty carbohydrates, starches, and unhealthy fats must be avoided whenever possible. Ensure drinking a lot of water. Avoid aerated drinks and sodas, diet sodas and also minimize the alcohol intake.

Maintain the well groomed appearance. You must take care to look healthy and well-groomed. Wear decent and carry yourself decently are two important things to be taken care of. Try to have a routine which supports the health of your skin and hair.

Focus on keeping skin clear and glowing. Wash the face in the morning and at night. Do a exfoliate regime once a week. Remember washing the makeup off before going to sleep. Keep the hair shiny by eating healthy proteins. Some managers and agencies prefer “natural greasy look,” so it may be okay if you do not prefer to shower regularly.

Match modeling goals to body type. Technically, any one can become a model. It is only you have to check and meet certain needs, The job work available to you will be incredibly limited in case you have a certain body type. It is up to you to compensate in areas like reliability and technique.

  • Plus-Sized Model: Women body is full and curvaceous and good for a plus size model.
  • Runway Model: Women work on the catwalk has at least 5’8 and mostly small-breasted. Men are between 5’11 and 6’2.
  • Print Model: Most female models are at least 5’7 and have beautiful face and great personality. These are the important features for any print models.
  • Underwear Model: This needs large breasts and small hips for women. This needs broad shoulders and slim waists for men.
  • Alternative Model: Agencies even try to hire alternative models. who do not conform to the industry standards of beauty, height, and weight.
  • Other Types of Modeling: You can be a foot, hair, or hand model too, in case you don’t fit any of the face or body descriptions.

Consider situational modeling. Look into types of modeling and you do not think that the runway or magazines are the place for you. Still you have got a chance in companies those use models for special events or to promote specific products. There are more emphasis on personality and fewer restrictions on body type and fewer restrictions on body type for these modeling jobs.

  • Promotional Model: At times companies want customer base to interact directly with models who are mostly attractive with likable personalities to promote the respective brand. Check these models in events, grocery stores, or clubs promoting food, liquor, or new products.
  • Spokes Model: Contrary to popular thought, spokes models don’t always have to verbally promote the brand. Spokes models are hired to be consistently associated with a specific brand.
  • Trade Show Model: The model is hired by companies for their respective brands to advertise at a trade show tent or booth to attendees. These models are typically not employed by the company but hired as “freelance” models for the event.

Consider the “look.” The look is what you communicate, can be made up of the body type and style. There is more of a svelte and sophisticated New York look, a curvy California look, a boy- or girl-next-door look and a waif-like European look. try to check what is there in you and what you are equipped with. Check what other looks you can pull off with ease.

Educate yourself about the industry. Reading quality articles, guides, and books will help you improve important skills and better understand how the industry work. Try to learn as much as you can from reading books, blogs, and articles about modeling. Try to research reputable agencies which place models in high-profile places, like magazines and fashion shows.

Prepare yourself for a difficult road. Being good looking will not establish to success as a model as the modeling world is jam-packed with pretty faces. The modeling business is not just about looking great whereas it is get fit to the requirements of specific jobs to get just a chance. Modeling is only for serious people who have unique characteristics and looks. It is very challenging to get into the industry as there are people who are inspired to become models in today’s world. Success will arrive after a great patience and perseverance.

Do not be shy. Try to promote yourself and look for opportunities to step up, Try to prove the in-built abilities. Be yourself and let the personality shine. Standing back and being “polite” will not get a confident attitude. in case you do not have confident, fake it as modeling needs acting skill too!

To Become a Model : Understanding Portfolios and Agencies

Click photographs for the portfolio. You should have professional-looking head shots. The shots with up close without a lot of makeup and on a plain background are a must. You must try to shoot them in nice natural light with less of distractions. Get a look as if you are in a raw state because these are meant for agencies. Click a head shot, a body shot, and profile shots. The most importantly, communicate in a portfolio. Give a range of “characters” and looks to present.

Consider getting professional photos taken. Think of professional photography as a worthwhile investment in a career decision! Professional photography can be expensive but it dose make the difference between being passed over and getting an interview.

Take favorite professional shots printed into 8x10s. Save them before leaving for an interview. Try to get enough of good professional photos, consider compiling them into a portfolio. Bring portfolio to castings or agency offices.

Take current measurements and know the stats. The information that can help modeling agencies place you is knowing the information off the top of the head. It will help you in a professional way while speaking with an agency or potential client. The most important measurements to know are height, weight, and shoe size. Know the clothing measurements like dress size, waist, hip, chest/bust, etc. The personal stats have information on eye color, hair color, and skin tone.

Visit a modeling agency. Every major city has modeling agencies in multiple numbers, and every agency has “open-calls”. You must be aware when they are looking for new talent. Bring photographs and/or portfolio. Ensure to have accurate measurements and may be asked to walk or pose for a headshot or closeups photos during an open call interview. In case agency rejects the looks, never get disheartened as agencies look for a diverse set of models and you may not fit model lineup right now.

Beware of scams. Try to check the business and do not end up getting conned. Try to research the reputation of a modeling agency prior to an open call or interview. No agency must not charge more than $20 for a meeting. The agency although charges a commission when they take up your model business, but must not take before it. Asking for hundreds of dollars from you before getting a work, it is better to walk away.

To Become a Model : Navigating a Modeling Career

Do not sign consent forms without consulting agent. Ensure to ask for a copy to share with the agent before signing in case a client asks you to sign paperwork or consent forms. You do not wish to sign a form that provides a photographer or client more power over you have.

Do not sign a contract unless it seems legitimate. Unsure about the contract is good, have an attorney or an experienced model read over it for you. A good agent must work in your best interests in mind. Agent must help navigate the legal issues in any given contract.

Be truthful about measurements. Never say you’re skinnier just to get a shoot. The stylist will have problems fitting the dresses and the truth will come out and letting you potentially lose future jobs.

Be professional, courteous and polite. Remember you’re not working in an office, still you require to be professional. Treat the people with whom you work respectfully. You never know what sort of a recommendation they provide you or who they know. Never look down upon anyone. Never be snooty, affected, or pompous.

Always show up on time. Try to be on time to any appointment or shoot. In case late or rude, reputation may precede you and nobody will wish to work with you in future.

Be organized. Buying a day-to-day planner can really help as models get called to places at the last minute and have very busy days. If you want to succeed, you are required to be on top of things.

Develop professional relationships with photographers. It’s a win-win situation, so ensure to treat photographers with respect. You help the photographer look great, and they will help you look great.

Treat modeling like a real job. Realize that it is harder than it appears. There is a great blood and sweat behind all the glitz and glamour you see at fashion shows. Individuals must take it seriously. You will have small chances of succeeding in modeling career if you do not given its due respect. Modeling is a full time occupation that needs constant attention. Be regular with the job.

Confirm about a make-up artist on site. At times, you will be required to bring certain things with you like base foundation, or you need to prepare accordingly. You may wish to keep an emergency makeup kit with you to do your own makeup whenever necessary, although a MUA is supposed to be present.

Be creative on the job. Photographers need to see you pose in varied poses with varied and backdrop and props. Changeability is key to work for the camera and interact with the world. Listen to the photographer’s recommendations to try the poses or attitude given by them. Similarly, runway coordinators try to have attitude in the walk or to project a specific emotion.