How To Avoid Aches and Pains When Wearing Backpacks

Wearing Backpacks

Itís time to go back to school. Your child needs to focus. They have a dream to fulfill. But with the wrong backpack, they may not achieve their goals. A heavy backpack can make them feel uncomfortable. Plus, it can increase their risk of developing back pain, spinal injury, as well as, muscle strain. Purchase the right backpacks. Get pretty backpacks for better comfort. Avoid these health issues by embracing the following tips.

Consider the Weight

Itís recommended that a backpack should weigh about 15 to 20 percent of your childís body weight. If your kid weighs 40 pounds, for instance, the backpack shouldnít weigh more than 6 pounds. If the backpack makes them lean forward, then thatís a sign of overloading. Ignoring this might result in poor posture. Plus, it can cause serious spinal problems.

Mass Distribution

Make sure the weight is evenly distributed. Start by packing heavy items. The heaviest load should always be packed closer to your kidís core area. The shoulder straps should be adequately padded as well. This will prevent them from digging into your childís shoulder or back.

Tighten Up

Adjust the straps. Make sure the backpack is well-fitting. Donít over-tighten as this may pull on your childís shoulders. Be sure to utilize both straps. Carrying over one shoulder can cause uneven weight distribution on the shoulders. With time, this imbalance will trigger serious problems such as muscle strain, as well as, back pain.


Shop around for a backpack that features multiple compartments. This will provide for better organization and elimination of unnecessary items. Essentially, the bottom of your backpack should be two inches above the waist.


Check the contents. Remove unnecessary items. Donít accumulate unnecessary items inside your childís backpack. Make sure they only carry essential items to school. When they come back in the evening, be sure to check the contents of their backpack. Remove excess load. The backpack shouldnít weigh more than 15 percent of your childís weight.


Place sharp items in the front section. This will prevent them from coming into direct contact with your kidís back. Ask your child to lift the backpack with their leg muscles to avoid bending their back.

If possible, consider investing in a wheeled backpack. This will make it easier for your child to glide around their school items. Moreover, itíll make it easier for them to move around without falling.

Possible Complications

Today, most students carry numerous supplies to school. The amount of homework has continued to rise significantly. Unfortunately, parents arenít aware of the risks of choosing the wrong backpack. Plus, they donít know how dangerous itís to carry excess weight on the back.

If you arenít careful enough, your child might develop an increased risk for falls, muscle strain, ribcage irritation, spinal injuries, as well as, poor posture.

The Bottom-Line: Donít neglect your childís health. Always be watchful of what they carry to school. Excessive load can cause severe damage to their health. This includes back aches and severe pain in the shoulder area. The above article highlights practical ways to keep your childís backpack lighter and safer.