Have you ever heard of push up trousers?


They’re not going turn you into some kind of Kardashian, fortunately. But they will help you to feel much more confident.

In the difficult art of finding the perfect jeans, there are several requirements. They have to make the silhouette thin, they have to be comfortable and they have to be made of a material that doesn’t stretch after two washes. There is one more essential rule for any woman, jeans must fit perfectly in her B-side. And if they can improve it, few things in the world will make them happier.

Push up trousers have therefore revolutionised the way in which we face some of the limitations of each person’s body. Those who don’t have the gluteus to make envy, are now able to compose a little more the silhouette. But calm down, we’re not talking about a Kim Kardashian style. We’re talking about a discreet and elegant style. The push up trousers have already spread so far that we can find a multitude of designs to choose from: high waist pants, low waist, gym pants, straws, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, bell… However, like most designs, these jeans will fit certain body types better than others.

In Europe, Freddy was one of the first brands to understand this market niche. Now, push up models are in dozens of stores. And they will continue to be, because this fashion won’t leave so soon.  Do you always feel that your pants don’t fit well on your B-side? Well keep reading and find out more of to achieve a faster and rounder effect on your B-side.

What we enjoy in wearing push up jeans

 We enjoy them because when you look at your ass and get the feeling that you’ve spent a lifetime in the gym, that is the best sensation ever.  Also because all models have a soft touch finish, very light and comfortable.        

The secret for a jeans that fits you is in the fabrics, in the sewing on the B side, and in the degree of elastane that must not be too high or too low.

Push up jeans by Freddy are designed and studied by expert designers with special sewing that is designed to perfectly shape optically the B side with the result of giving an extraordinary push-up effect.

Freddy has come to us, putting at our disposal the push up jeans that we need.

Push up jeans are made in jersey and coated in denim, to exactly look like our beloved/hated jeans: they are cut and sewn in such a way as to support and raise the bottom, so that we can look great when we wear them. It’s a bit like the concept of bras: if you push from below, it will come out from above.

So if your body isn’t too curvaceous: don’t worry because with push up jeans you can create the opposite optical effect. With light-coloured jeans, it always looks like there’s more volume in your body than you really have. If in addition these pants have several pockets or visible seams in the design the effect will multiply.