Guideline to Find the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Right Jewelry

The bridal look is incomplete without wedding jewelry, and it is an integral part of your big day. that is why choosing the right jewelry for your wedding is so important. You need to consider multiple factors while choosing bridal jewelry, such as wedding dress and skin tone.

Many questions come to your mind while shopping for wedding jewelry, including:

  • Should you choose vintage or go for modern bridal jewelry?
  • Should you match the jewelry with your wedding dress?
  • Does the neckline of your dress matter while selecting your wedding jewelry?

All these questions can make it challenging to pick the right jewelry for your wedding day. That is why we have crafted a list of the most important factors to consider while picking bridal jewelry.

Remember, you should check both retail and wholesale jewelry stores to find affordable wedding jewelry.

Without further ado, let’s check the guidelines to find the right jewelry for your wedding day below:

1. Less is More

It is always safe to go with minimal wedding jewelry. You do not need to overdo it to look fabulous on your wedding day. Your wedding jewelry should not outshine your dress; instead, it should blend perfectly with your entire look.

If your wedding dress is simple, you should go for a necklace—however, the choice of necklace design matters. Also, you do not need to always go for matching jewelry, and contrasting in the right manner can add a dramatic touch to your look.

2. Match Jewelry with Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress might be the most important thing to consider (after your skin tone) while choosing wedding jewelry. The style, fabric, and even the neckline of your wedding dress matter. Let’s see how:

Ø Fabric

It can be quite difficult to choose rose gold, platinum, silver, or yellow gold jewelry. The fabric of your wedding dress can help you with that. For instance:

  • For a wedding dress with an ivory tone, gold jewelry looks best.
  • For a dress with pink hues, rose gold jewelry works perfectly.
  • For a light beige wedding dress, burnished silver is the right choice.

(Do Not forget to coordinate your wedding rings set with the fabric of your wedding gown.)

Ø Style

You should also consider the style of your wedding gown while selecting jewelry. The bridal jewelry should always accent your wedding dress to highlight it without overpowering it.

You should not go for wedding jewelry that is too small to notice or too big to take the attention away from your dress. If your wedding dress is simple, go for a single necklace that matches your earrings and ring set. If your wedding dress is elaborate, a subtle jewelry design will work best.

Ø Neckline

The neckline of your wedding dress determines the design of your necklace. For a strapless or sweetheart neckline, a choker would be the best option. For a V-neck, a pendant necklace will complete the look. However, for a higher neckline, you should skip the necklace altogether and only wear earrings.

3. Skin Tone Also Matters

Many people make the mistake of wearing jewelry that does not go with their skin tone. It can be a beautiful necklace design or amazing earrings and still not look good on you.

To find a perfect piece of wedding jewelry that matches your skin tone, you first need to know what kind of skin tone you have. (Bear in mind that skin tone is not the same as skin color.)

Platinum, white gold, and silver with bright blues, emeralds, and deep purples work best for people with cool skin tones. People with warm skin tones look good in rose gold, copper, and brass jewelry.

Bottom Line

Picking out the right jewelry for your wedding day is important, and it can make or break the whole bridal look. In the chaos of all the wedding preparations, it can be quite frustrating to find the right bridal jewelry. However, if you consider the abovementioned guidelines, you can easily select the perfect jewelry for your wedding day.

With the increasing of wholesale vintage and retail vintage business there are many opportunities in this jewelry business, so you can easily get your desired jewelry with your matching clothes. Good Luck!