Gold and the Emotional Connect: Choose your Jewellery Wisely

Plain gold Haram

Gold has been predominant in the sub-continent since ages, mainly because India was once rich in gold deposits and secondly because Indians consider gold as the best investment till date. Having understood this demand for the yellow metal every few months Indian Jewellery has been getting rejigged as Karigars work hard to bring design innovations.

They have been doing this for years now and every few years antique designs become hot favourites. There are few Jewellery items which have been in vogue and are predominantly tagged as “bridal Jewellery” or “occasional wear”. One such category item is long gold Harams. There are plenty of long gold haram designs available online and one look at them is enough to fall for these coveted pieces.

Gold has always made a special place in every woman’s life. They can correlate truck load of memories with every single piece they purchase. Either we tend to buy for ourselves or get as a gift or buy gold for our loved ones, basis behind buying gold may be many but the underlying emotion is always common.Indian celebrations would be filled with vacuum without gold in them, any occasion big or small is always accompanied by gold jewellery.

Indispensable gold Jewellery

There is a long list of gold jewellery items which every woman would surely have in her treasure chest such as an assortment of bangles, multiple earring sets, plethora of rings, necklace set and many more items. Out of all these a bride’s favourite is long haram that can be worn across sarees and leghangas equally. Apart from the flexibility, a haram’s sheer elegance and grace makes it precious piece to own.

Here are the types of Gold Harams worth exploring

Latest Haram designs come in varying price, weight and workamanships. The classic haram models include the following:

  • Plain gold Haram
  • Diamond Haram
  • Antique gold Haram
  • Navratna Haram
  • Polki Haram
  • Gold Temple Haram       
  • Gemstone Haram

Harams are usually populated with Lakshmi mudras, elephants, peacocks, floral vines, paisleys and other abstract designs that are considered auspicious. Harams also come with bold mesh art and intricate handiwork of Karigars. Gold Harams are classic ceremonial pieces which have never lost their sheen to any other Jewellery; they go well with all fusion and contemporary attires.

A one stop shop to buy your Haram

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Image Credits: Plain gold Haram from Amit kumar Paul/Shutterstock