Fashion Guide: How Do You Know a T-Shirt Is High-Quality?

T-Shirt Is High-Quality

One of the best tips you’ll receive when building a wardrobe is to focus on quality over quantity. While you might save some money buying budget-friendly clothing, most cheap and poor-quality clothing options won’t last you long. And since you always have to replace the items, you’ll constantly replace them and spend more money.

However, buying high-quality and premium clothing will last you much longer while retaining its design and build quality.

That said, judging the quality of clothing is hard, especially with t-shirts. So, we’ve compiled this quick guide on a few tips and tricks to determining how a t-shirt is high-quality.

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Look at the Material

When judging a shirt’s quality, the material is the first thing to consider. A shirt won’t be high-quality unless made with the best materials. Fresh Clean Threads are the perfect example of a high-quality T-shirt. It is made out of 60% of cotton and 40% of polyester. Cotton is considered the most desirable fabric for making a t-shirt.

Most of the time, you can tell the quality of the material by looking at it. However, be patient, as it will take some time and practice before you can determine the fabric’s quality by looking at or touching it. One of the ways to check the quality is to stretch it. If, after pulling t-shirt doesn’t return to its original place, it will likely lose its shape quickly. Another way of testing it is to rub the fabric together and see if the fibers are going to break. If it breaks, it is best to avoid that t-shirt.

The Seams

The seams on your shirt must be done correctly and neatly. When you get the chance, try and inspect all the seams in the shirt. Ideally, they shouldn’t be too noticeable and be in a secure place.

After all, the seams hold the shirt together, so you must ensure these are done right. If you think you can undo a seem with a light tug, that’s a sign that it’s a poor-quality shirt and one you’re better off avoiding.

Additionally, the seams on a shirt should always remain straight. Uneven and slanted seams on a shirt can be very uncomfortable and ruin a shirt’s look. So, always pay close attention to your t-shirt seams.

Overall Comfort

If you get the chance to wear a t-shirt and try it on before buying, we highly recommend taking the opportunity. Trying a shirt on allows you to judge how it feels on your body. This is also how you can determine if the shirt was made well and if the material is high-quality.

If a shirt is constructed properly and made with high-quality materials, it will feel very comfortable the second you put it on. While it might feel a bit tight the first time you wear it, the material and seams shouldn’t feel uncomfortable on your skin.

Remember, one of the keys to dressing well is wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable. So, if the clothing items feel stiff, it might be best to avoid buying that shirt.


All in all, a good quality t-shirt is durable, comfortable, and stylish. While it can be hard to determine the quality of a shirt, this is a very important skill to have when buying clothing.

Remember, you always want to buy high-quality clothes that will last you a long time, even if you have to pay more for them. So, whenever you buy a new shirt, make sure to refer to this guide so you know what to look for in a shirt and the qualities that make them high-quality.