Elevate Your Style In Your 9-to-5 With These Dress Watches

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In the words of the fashion guru, Coco Chanel, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” This sartorial wisdom seems more apt when we’re going to launch into a deep debate about the best dress watches out there.

As the name suggests, dress watches are designed as an additional accessory when you’re wearing formal wear and are, above all, very discrete. These elegant timepieces are perfect for discreetly slipping a hint of a luxurious personality below your shirt cuff to pull off an effortlessly chic and aesthetically formal look at the office.

Styles and tastes are evolving rapidly, and nowadays, dress watches are typically considered to be a demonstration of technical expertise and innovative designs.

Also, the best dress watches in the industry have been known to put together a real outfit. Some also think of them as an elegant finishing touch to the suit – but in a manner that they don’t take away too much of the spotlight.

Think of these watches as the supporting cast for the star of the show – the employee of the year. But enough bragging. Let’s let these dress watches speak for themselves:

1.   Nordgreen Native

It’s very difficult to look past that Scandinavian design and still not appreciate its impactful minimalism. These make for all the balancing qualities you need in a dress watch.

As it turns out, Nordgreen, the up-and-coming Danish luxury brand, hired Jakob Wagner. Wagner was known as the Cheif Designer for Bang & Olufsen, a brand that curates enduring and durable watches.

Since their watches are manufactured using premium materials and are designed with precision, Nordgreen’s watches are a real treat to look at, much less wear.

For this reason, our pick for one of the best dress watches out there is going to be Native. These watches have the perfect sizes of dials to be discreet and a holistic range of staps combination, materials, and dial colors to match your daily wardrobe.

2.   Junghans Meister Handaufzug

Junghans is a well-known German watchmaker and they have received a lot of praise over the years for their innovative and precise timepieces. The designs they come up with always have incredibly high quality and are will always be considered eminently wearable.

Right from the start, this dress watch will be your guide to uncluttered elegance. For instance, the dial of this watch has been brought back right to the basics. There are no numbers to indicate the hours or minutes, and the only other complication is perhaps the smaller dial that is used to read precise time measurements.

This watch is the epitome of minimalism and sleek designs and also has a hint of A-list elegance in there as well.

The case of these watches has been carved out of PVD-Coated and hard-wearing stainless steel. Its display consists of a scratch-resistant and domed Plexiglass lens, which happens to be superbly strong and shatterproof.

Insider the dial, the watchmaker has installed a J815.1 hand-winding movement since the hand-wound watch is not strictly for those who follow tradition. Even if you fancy getting a little intimate with the internal and intricate workings of your timepiece, you will appreciate the winding ritualistic designs of these watches.

In a world where most of what we use is automated, why shouldn’t a working man preserve a charming little collectible from the past? If you still aren’t convinced, don’t worry for a second. This watch also features a 42-hour power reserve, which means that charging a watch with technologically advanced features isn’t going to be a daily chore.

3.   Vincero Icon Automatic

You can blindly trust Vincero to come up with the most modern and high-quality timepieces in the industry without having to break the bank. Every insightful and smart gentleman needs to buy a dress watch that is not only sophisticated but also sleek in its appearance and style.

Vincero’s Icon Automatic is the perfect balance of classy and casual, and where you choose to wear it is totally your call. The watch is designed to be both discreet and simple. However, this doesn’t mean that it will fail to make an impression on the wearers’ wrist.

If you’re looking for the perfect final touch to your work attire, we highly recommend buying the Vincero Icon Automatic’s Rose Gold version with an Italian black leather strap and a black dial.

Vincero’s designers have paid close attention to the craftsmanship of this watch and each and every curve and cut has been laid out intentionally to produce a real masterpiece. The sleek dial of this watch also has a date window with skeleton hands. Also, its sapphire crystal glass is durable enough to ensure the dial is protected at all times.

On the backside of this watch, only you will get a glimpse of the intricate inner working of this brand’s proprietary automatic and high-powered movements. To put it simply, this watch is both refined and reliable.

What makes things even more interesting is the fact that the watch comes in a large range of colors to choose from so you can mix and match it with your wardrobe. This simply means that you can truly personalize it according your personality and mood without affecting its stylistic integrity.

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