How to Dry Nails Fast when You are in a Hurry

How to dry nails fast as it takes at least 20-60 minutes for nail polish to completely dry it. If you wish to fasten up the procedure, you may paint quick-drying polish in very thin layers and try to put drying spray over it.

You may even try to use a blow dryer, or ice water. By using one of these options, you can easily perfect your paint job without smudging it!

Methods for How to Dry Nails Fast

  • Quick-Drying Techniques
  • Quick-Drying Nail Products

Method 1 : Quick-Drying Techniques

  • Paint nail polish in thin and light layers so that each layer can fast dry. Wipe off the extra polish from applicator brush, and apply 2-3 thin, light layers.
  • You must allow polish to dry for about 1-3 minutes in between each coat.
  • Multiple heavy layers must be avoided to let the nail enamel dry completely.
  • Thin layer polish takes time to apply overall, but the drying time will be reduced significantly.
  • Paint each nail slowly, then repeat applying procedure in the same order.
  • Blow cool air from a blow dryer for 2-3 minutes as an easy option.
  • Plug in hairdryer to select the cold air setting. Blow cool air on fingertips for 2-3 minutes to quickly dry.
  • Repeat on both hands to dry them completely.
  • Dryer must be set on the lowest setting.
  • Hold the hairdryer 30 cm away from the nails to avoid damaging the nail enamel.
  • A warm heat setting or holding the dryer too close may start lead to bubble or ripple.
  • Dip fingers in a bowl of cold ice water for 1-2 minutes.
  • Air dry nails for 60 seconds, then grab a small bowl and fill it half-way full with very cold water.
  • Place in 2-5 ice cubes.
  • Hold fingertips in the ice water for 1-2 minutes, then take them out of the bowl.
  • The cold basically hardens nail polish, so an ice bath is a great way to get your nail polish to stick.
  • Be careful while using technique, as it can ruin nail polish. Do not put hands in the water too soon, Wait till it is nearly dry.
  • While this helps your nail polish dry, it will make hands very cold!
  • Spray wet nails with air duster for 3-5 seconds. Air duster is cold, compressed air that shoots out very quickly.
  • Hold the can about 1–2 ft (0.30–0.61 m) away from your hands so they don’t get extremely cold.
  • With a quick 3-5 second spray over fingertips, nails should be dry fast.
  • Ensure nails are fully dry before spraying them with air duster as it can ruin nail polish and could accidentally damage the surface of the polish.
  • You can purchase air duster at supply stores.
  • Put regular cooking spray to fingertips for a very quick drying. Hold the bottle about 1?2–1 ft away from fingers, and spray a light, even layer over top each nail.
  • Oils in cooking spray help nails dry fast.
  • Avoid butter-flavored spray.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes after applying nail polish to the last nail before spraying oil over the nail polish.
  • The oil in the spray also helps in moisturizing cuticles.

Method 2 : Quick-Drying Nail Products

  • It is recommended to use quick-drying nail polish products.
  • There are brands that advertised their nail polish as fast drying. These may quicken up the drying process of the nail enamel if you go for these to paint nails.
  • Check products that have “rapid speed,” “express dry,” or “quick dry,” on their label.
  • You may put a final glossy top coat for fast-drying and helping you dry your nails.
  • After last layer has dried up, paint the nails with a solid, light layer from cuticle to the tip of the nail.
  • It even prevents nail enamel from chipping.
  • Apply drying drops or setting spray to reduce drying time.
  • After applying top coat, wait about 1-3 minutes
    • either, drip 1 drying drop onto each nail
    • or, spray the setting product over fingertips.
  • Wait 1-3 minutes again, rinse the hands in cool water to reduce drying time.
  • Big beauty supply and drug stores sell nail drying products like sprays and drops.