Don’t Make a Fashion Disaster that Rubs Off onto the Casino Tables

Fashion Disaster

There will one day come a time in a person’s life where they must panic for a week deciding what to wear for a big weekend venture to a casino, be it a stag weekend, a work party, or some other haphazard organization that will cause you to curse the person for picking the weekend before payday, rather than after. For the females, this means ordering roughly 20 different garments online which will consist of 80% safe option, 10% the wrong size, just in case and the other 10% for something entirely different that’s not even related to the weekend but just couldn’t live without. For the male, the week panic is condensed into a 30-minute shop on the highstreets for something that carries an air of “would James Bond wear this?” So in a not too serious article, we will discuss the ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s not’ of fashion when it comes to gambling.

Making an Impression On and Off the Table

There are indeed much easier ways to gamble without the stresses of getting suited and booted. The a-typical person will be found with little clothing on which is due a wash and displayed in a comfortable manner in bed or on the sofa. They will have taken to sites such as https://www.casinobonusesindex.com/online-casino-india/ to pick where they will place their bets be it your optional classic casino games or you in-play sports action. No tie in sight, even when hosted a live game of roulette with a dealer.

So from slob to stunner, we break down the valued elements of how to dazzle when removed from your bed and dragged into the world of land-based casinos. At this point, if you’re planning a stag-do, leave the inflatable penis suit at home for another event.

Winning Style at the Casino

The ‘White Tie’ Category: Considered amongst the hard-core of casino goers, this is the most formal option of all the fashion categories. Women will dawn the palazzo cut with their suit with elegant shoes to suit. For the male: White shirt, black bowtie and waistcoat. A dinner jacket and black shoes to suit.

The ‘Black Tie’ Category: A relaxed version of the former. The female will wear an evening dress, full-length gown or cocktail dress. The male, the tuxedo, dark suit with white shirt, tie and leather shoes with dark socks.

The ‘Formal Wear’ Category: for the female, cocktail dress, black dress, long skirt with a top which will match. For the male, dark suit with vest to match. Shirt that is sober in color and with matching tie to suit. You can wear colored leather shoes and formal socks.

The ‘Business’ Category: Classed as formal wear that one might wear to work if they have regulations in place to wear ‘smart’. This for the female will translate to suites and suitable dresses worn with heels and stockings. For the male, you’ll remain in ‘formal wear’.

The ‘Casual’ Category: Anything goes as long as it is not offensive, overly suggestive like a mankini and that footwear is appropriate so leave the flip-flops for the beach.

There you have it. There are no set laws of do’s and do not’s when it comes to fashion at the casino but it’s nice to make both a killing with your looks and when at the table.