Dad and son t-shirts and things a son needs from his father


Being a father to a son is exciting and stressful sometimes. Apart from doing fun things like wearing matching dad and son t-shirts together, you also need to be a role model to your son. There are lots of things that you need to teach him.

Why should you wear matching dad and son t-shirts?

Thereís nothing like the relationship between a father and his son. When you have a son, you will be his best friend and his role model. Wearing matching dad and son t-shirts will tell everyone that you guys are together. You can protect him from strangers just by looking at your outfits. As a happy and proud dad, you will love to show everyone that you have a very cute baby. Also, your wife will love it when you wear this tee. She knows that she has done a good job as giving you the best present in your life! Last but not least, those matching tees are very cute, just like your baby!
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Ideas for dad and son t-shirts

When your son is a little boy, you can do a lot of fun things with him, including wearing matching dad and son t-shirts.

#1: Dad and Son T-shirts Did We Just Become Best Friends? Yep!


You will be your sonís best friend, thatís for sure. Having a son in the family is also like you are having an ally. You guys can do crazy things together, playing games or sports together. This set of tee refers to the bond between father and son. From the moment your son is born, you know that you just got a best friend.

#2: Dad and Son T-shirts Mr Fix It Mr Break It

Yes your son can be very mischievous. Donít let him fool you with a naive face. Sometimes he would just break everything in front of him. When it happens, daddy comes to save the world. Being a father to a son means you will be the one who fixes everything that your son breaks. This shows how responsible a father is, and how much a son needs his dad. If you are one of those dads who would do anything for your kids, this set of tee is suitable for you!

#3: Dad and Son T-shirts Sunday Funday

What is more fun than playing sports with your son on the weekend? If you love playing baseball or sports in general, this set of tee is perfect for you. Wearing it when you play on a Sunday and your kid will love it too.

#4: Dad and Son T-shirts Help! Iíve Created a Monster Monster

This is a funny set of tee. Although it says your son is a Monster but everyone knows he is not. It will bring smiles to anyone pass by you on the street. If you have a sense of humor, you would love this Help! Iíve Created a Monster Monster set.

#5: Dad and Son T-shirts Beast Dad I Lift (Juice) With My Dad

If you are a gymer or you are proud of your muscles and love to show them, this is the right dad and son t-shirts set for you. With your big muscle, you are a beast to your son. And the cute line ďI Lift (Juice) With My DadĒ can bring smiles to everyone.

Things a son needs from his father

As your son grows up, you will be the one who influences him and his development a lot. Here are things that a son needs from his father.

#1. He needs you to love your wife

When you love his mother, you are showing him how to treat a woman, no matter who they are. He will look at how you treat your woman to treat his mom, his sisters, or all the women heíll meet in his life. This is important to set a foundation for his future relationships. Even if you are divorced and the relationship is difficult, try to treat his mother with respect.

#2: He needs your leadership

You can be the boss at work, a leader in your community or not. But you are the leader of your family. Your son needs to see your leadership in the house. When he sees it, he will understand leadership better and will be able to more effectively lead versus follow his peers. As he grows, he will be a great leader.

#3: He needs your presence

You son will need you to be present in all areas of his life, including his education and his social life. Some dads think that they just need to be a financial supporter, but for your son, your presence in all areas will give him the support he needs.

#4: He needs your support on his decision

You might be the biggest sports junkie but your son may not be able to kick a ball. When he grows up, he might choose things that you donít like, but he needs you to love him and support his decision. Your love and guidance will enhance your relationship with him and it will build his self-esteem.

#5: He needs you to affirm him

A boy is stronger than a daughter, but he still needs your encouragement. You should tell him that you love him, that you are proud of him. Or that he is amazing. And you know he can do everything he wants to do. Your encouragement will give him more confidence. Also, hearing those words lets him know you love having him as a son.

#6: He needs you to discipline him in love

Your son is going to make mistakes in his life. Therefore, you need to discipline him. You need to set boundaries and expectations so that he wonít make any mistakes that you did. You need to teach him that his actions have consequences. He needs you to discipline him in love because it will prepare him to think and evaluate the choices he makes in the future.